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The School System
February 18, 2002 @ around midnight

  What is the purpose of school? "To gain an education" is probably the initial reaction of everyone; but is that true any more? To me it seems like the goal is to gain a diploma or degree to prove to some Joe Schmo that you have x amount of knowledge. And what is it that you need to prove your level of knowledge? "Good grades". That's a problem though, grades are NOT an accurate reflection on your education; they reflect your motivation and ability to follow directions (yes, there is a difference).

  I always thought that education was for personal satisfaction and to make yourself a better person, not a way to make you a "good" citizen and function "properly" in society.

  I question the validity of school, but maybe that's because i'm having a very difficult time accepting the whole "education philosophy". I see a problem with the public school system. It does not give a fair opportunity to every student. It tries, but it's blind. I give credit to the fact that it bends and flexes to the needs of the handicap and the ones who find it hard to learn (which has the downside of slowing down other students); but i find it unfair that it doesn't bend and flex to the needs of the people on the opposite of the spectrum who find it equally difficult and frustrating with no way out. What sort of sympathy do those people get, what sort of compasion do the recieve? Nada. A swift kick in the pants and a speech about "how much potential you have" and "how upsetting it is to see you waste it".