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Self-Improvement & Me
May 02, 2002 @ the cafe

  Is self-improvement(a concept which probably leads to thousands of cases of depression because it implies there is something wrong with you and you need to change) a goal of mine. I'm not too sure, let's consult myself.

  On part of me says that i'm a loathsome slobbering idiot (Mr. Self-Contempt) and that a full frontal labotomy would be considered self-improvement. Another part of me thinks that self-improvement isn't as "evil" as my other parts say; and i should strive to become a better person (soon enough i will start contradicting myself). The last part of myself (which is really 2 part: a) egotistical and b) modest-humble) says that a) Screw them; i'm fine how i am and i don't have to change for anyone (this is the part where i burn my bra) and b) i don't want to change because i'm not worth the effor and the outcome. So when i try to combine all of them, i get confused.

  On the note of self-improvement, i think this shouldn't exist. is the reason we want an education for self-improvements? Rather, i think self-fullfillment should be the main objective, and not self-improvement. sure you can boil everything down to "why don't you change the name" but you must remember. this IS the rantings of a mindless invalid.

Note: This is a spinoff of an essay i was writing called "Anti-Intelligence & You", which i plan to post if i can find it