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Maps and Directions

Here you will find links and resources to help guide you to our Chepstow Bay Cottages, which are located on the south eastern portion of the Maritime province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. The cottages are 3km east of the town of Souris.

Prince Edward Island is 1 of 4 Maritime provinces situated at the far eastern end of Canada. Prince Edward Island is connected to the province of New Brunswick by the Confederation Bridge, and to the province of Nova Scotia by Northumberland Ferries.


Here is a map of the cottages.

Written driving instructions from Confederation Bridge to Chepstow Bay Cottages:
Directions to Beach Cottage

Directions to Bay Cottage

If you have trouble viewing the documents please download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download / view this detailed map of the south eastern portion of Prince Edward Island. Souris is located on the upper right of the map(Box F2). Chepstow Point and Bay are located just above Souris.

Map of Canada's Maritime Provinces on Google Maps

Map of the Souris area with Chepstow just to the
east of Souris. The road to Chepstow Bay Cottages
is visible below the map locale "Chepstow".

Map of Prince Edward Island on Google Maps
You can use the sliding "zoom" feature to see as much or as little detail as you require.

If you have questions about the maps, directions or other materials found on this page, please go to the Contact page and email or call us with your inquiries.


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