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June 3, 2006: Added The Forgotten, Sora/Teyla, R.

January 8, 2006: Added Contraindicated, John/Rodney, R.

Zulu's Stargate Atlantis Stories

The Forgotten
Sora/Teyla, R, 29K
No defeat is made up entirely of defeat--since the world it opens is always a place formerly unsuspected.
Written for Femslash '06 on livejournal.
April 7, 2006.

Proxima (The Distant Orbit Remix)
Teyla, PG, 26K
It does depend on holding the place she is given, and there is an art to that.
Remix of Hth's Alpha Centauri series, for Remix Redux IV.
March 24, 2006.

McKay/Sheppard, R, 41K
In which John Sheppard causes an intergalactic diplomatic incident with the Genii--again. Lost Boys.
December 21, 2005.

Teyla/Sora, various, unfinished.
Prompt chart and links.
Begun May 20, 2006.

Rodney McKay, various, unfinished.
Prompt chart and links, eventually.
Currently wait-listed.

As Wolves To Man
Team, G, 20K
"Yes, there is a risk! No mission--to an alien world--from another galaxy--could ever be...exactly what we predict. But...we are all adventurers." Fusion.
December 16, 2005.

Ring Out The Bells
Sora/Teyla, PG, 6K
Summer has come and passed; the innocent can never last. Pre-series.
October 20, 2005.
Read The Fatherland Remix, by FairestCat.

First Impression
McKay/Sheppard, G, 3K
It just...hatched. Crack.
October 14, 2005.

Diagnosis: Acute Llamallamaduckitosis
With troutkitty and daemonluna.
Carson/Other, R, 7K
There was a search. And something was seized. Crack.
September 24, 2005.

The Physicist Bride
McKay/Sheppard, PG, 55K
A classic tale of true love and high adventure. AU.
September 17, 2005.

Teyla, G, 7K
Teyla watched them unpacking, each of them with their own small box. Rising.
August 15, 2005.

The Places You Will Be From
Team, G, 4K
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Intruder.
July 26, 2005.

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