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November 24, 2006: Added Four Times Cuddy Didn't Sleep With House, Cuddy/House, PG-13.

July 17, 2006: Added Three of House's Proposals That Were Shot Down, and One That Wasn't, my first House fic.

February 17, 2006: Added Appendectomy, a Grey's Anatomy ficlet, and The Tao Of Nancy, a This Is Wonderland/Due South crossover fic.

Zulu's Pan-Fandom Stories

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Babysitter's Club

The Three Musketeers
Adam/Byron/Jordan, NC-17, 16K
They've been a threesome all their lives. Futurefic.
May 4, 2004.

Boa Vs. Python

Five Times The Big Game Hunters Were Gay
Lots of gay hunters, NC-17, 13K
Eve doesn't understand it. She doesn't understand it at all.
October 24, 2006.

Bring It On

Torrance/Missy, PG, 29K
Cheerleading is for dancers who have gone retarded. AU.
January 23, 2005.

Skipping For Secrets
Cliff Pantone/Ephram Brown, G, 2K
Everwood's a place where people can open up. Crossover.
January 17, 2005.

City By The Sea

Up For Air
Gina, PG, 5K
She must duck or swim.
May 10, 2004.

Dawson's Creek

Where The Heart Is
Audrey/Jen, PG, 13K
Audrey is from L.A. and Jen is from New York. After Hours.
August 15, 2005.


In Passing
Susan/Kerry, G, 8K
Susan tries out baby names. NICU.
April 14, 2004.


Kaylee/Simon, River/Inara, Inara/Kaylee, R, 19K
The coincidence of a psychic state with a corresponding future event. Post-Serenity.
December 31, 2005.

Inara, G, 4K
In the Training House, tea was the balm for all ills. Post-Serenity.
December 1, 2005.

Kaylee, G, 6K
All she hears is places where the ship ain't been set right. Post-Serenity.
December 4, 2005.

Storm Breaking
Kaylee, G, 5K
She's healing. Maybe it's the rain that does it. Post-Serenity.
December 17, 2005.

Inara/River, G, 5K
A good Companion falls in love, just a little, with every client. Post-Serenity.
December 20, 2005.

Sort Of Fading Now
Kaylee/Simon, G, 5K
"I want you to come with me," he says. Post-Serenity.
December 23, 2005.
Read The Reverberation Remix by Sprat.

And Last
Inara/Kaylee, G, 4K
She hasn't decided yet: to go, or to stay. Post-Serenity.
December 27, 2005.

Grey's Anatomy

Five Times The Elevator Doors Shouldn't Have Opened
Burke; Derek/Mark; Callie/George; Izzie; Cristina/Meredith, PG, 20K
The gods of mechanical contraptions are clearly messing with them.
October 25, 2006.

Meredith/Derek, G, 6K
The little things become the big things. Tell Me Sweet Little Lies.
January 24, 2006.

Bailey, Izzie, G, 9K
It is not that day. It is never that day on Bailey's watch. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.
January 7, 2006.

Hard Core Logo

One Kiss And Salut
Joe/Silent Bob, R, 4K
Billy leaves. Joe deals. Crossover.
January 16, 2005.

Billy, R, 7K
It's not real, and maybe it never was. Roadtrip.
April 26, 2004.

Kushiel's Legacy

Cassiel's Choice
Joscelin/Faith, PG, 4K
Joscelin kneels in the gardens of Montreve. Crossover.
January 8, 2005.

Melisande/Faith, R, 5K
Melisande is at the center of all the webs. Crossover.
January 7, 2005.

Slings And Arrows

Five Ways Geoffrey Tennant Was A Whore For The Theatre
Geoffrey/Oliver, Geoffrey/Ellen, R, 22K
It's what's best for the theatre, so it had to be done.
October 27, 2006.

This Is Wonderland

The Tao Of Nancy
Nancy/Alice, Fraser/RayK, PG, 38K
A purse snatcher accuses an off-duty R.C.M.P. officer of police misconduct. A judge debates recusing himself from a trial that hits too close to home. A day in bail court leads to some unexpected consequences. 3x08. Crossover with Due South.
February 16, 2006.

Alice/Nancy, G, 6K
Do you mean, is it just? 3x03.
December 14, 2005.

Alice/Nancy, G, 6K
Alice knows why she's asking. AU.
October 13, 2005.

Tru Calling

True Faith
Tru/Buffy, Buffy/Faith, R, 126K
Tru meets a vacationing slayer. Crossover.
January 16, 2005.

The X-Files

Folie a Deux
Fowley/Scully, PG, 31K
This time, it's not just one more report. All Souls.
March 19, 2005.

Second Sight
Doggett, PG, 70K
Visions of his son may help Doggett save another boy's life. Empedocles.
Fall 2003

Something More Than This
Mulder/Scully, R, 121K
Make believe in magic, make believe in dreams. En Ami.
Summer 2003

Second Chances
Krycek, PG, 61K
Before he was Ratboy. Duane Barry.
Spring 2003

First Sight
Mulder/Scully, PG, 56K
One meeting, two perspectives. Pilot.
Winter 2002

48 Hours Of Happily Ever After
Mulder/Scully, NC-17, 67K
Before he ran, he had two days. Existence.
Spring 2002

Les Jumeaux
Mulder/Scully, R, 19K
Someone has taken over Mulder's life. Crack.
Fall 2001

Fight The Past
Mulder/Scully, PG, 20K
It's a wonderful life. Requiem.
Spring 2001

Musings Of A Knocked-Up FBI Agent
Mulder/Scully, PG, 16K
She dreams of his death. Three Words.
April 2001

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