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Misc. Ramblings Main Page Links Anime Corner is closed once again.

The people who were interested in a network have vanished (as they usually do).  Which basically leaves the better alternative, the networks I'm usually on. Please note the list has changed and even grown!  More servers and rooms may be listed as I usually go exploring every once in a while.  So hop on over and stay for a chat, who knows you may even catch me in there :).

That said, feel free to surf the IRC networks listed below and even if you don't stick in the rooms listed there are plenty more that cater to many diverse topics.

As you'll be needing an IRC client, I've reviewed a number of them and provided links to their respective websites (or download locations).  I've also added a basic FAQ for common IRC questions I've intercepted in the past.


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These are the servers (and rooms) you'll usually find me.

Now you can click on the room name to be taken directly there (must have an IRC client to work)  (#gnucleus) (#dystopium) (#dcc) (#newbies, or #newcomer)

If you know of cool spots in IRC to chat sent me an E-MAIL!


Developed by Khaled Mardam-Bey, this is the most basic IRC program out there.  A good portion of the other IRC "scripts" (programs) are built off of some version of this program.  Recently I've been finding my self somewhat disappointed about the newest release of this program (being version 6.16 at the time of writing) as the ability to configure what ports the client uses for various functions has been removed.  I'm sure you can still configure it but this might prove a lot more complicated than needs to be.  People with routers or behind firewalls may want to choose one of the other clients.

DeViLz Dirc

An IRC program developed by [ins4ne] (based on mIRC). Simple to set up and easy to use, has a nice set of features for both the novice and veteran of IRC. By far the simplest and most effective layout of the clients reviewed (with exception of mIRC which has the same gui practically).  The developer of this client has moved on to other projects so the official site is no longer up.  Sadly it seems that this program has dropped off the net and is no longer available (except for early versions).  This was my favorite client for the simple fact it was so easy to configure if you knew how to script.  If you have any questions his irc channel is still up and populated go to network: channel: #devilz. Keep in mind that the the people in that channel as with most irc channels are not paid to sit there and answer questions so be patient if you get no reply.

Ice Chat IRC

I've been using this client for a while now.  The Gui is simple to understand, although programming aliases and remote scripts is a slightly more complicated.  Main features are a quick connect list of recently visited servers, and Profiles (meaning the program can be customized for more than one user).  All around a decent client, unlike the modern version of Mirc you can still configure what ports the client uses.  Main developer goes by the nick of Snerf.


MS Comic Chat

This is an IRC client that Microsoft wrote. Now, I know what your thinking...Gasp Microsoft?!  They actually had a neat idea for IRC, a client that displayed room conversations in a comic book format complete with backgrounds and characters (click here for a screen shot).  You can even download an editor and create your own characters.  The only downside is that this one never really went far so you'll find that it's missing some of the features like the hardened clients have. But having said that, there are IRC networks dedicated to ms chat and even promote its use ( being one of them).  So if you want a fun change from the traditional irc client this is the one for you (note: choose the option "don't send ms chat specific information" in the preferences when in rooms where people aren't using ms chat).


This irc program is by Jesse McGrew and I believe its written in Perl. this irc client is different from the rest. Features include a winamp control bar, event editor (aliases, remotes, ect...), rehash button (reloads the program code), and other things.  this one's kind of different and takes a little getting used to, but all in all worth a look for those of you who don't like Mirc based IRC clients.

Hydra IRC

This is another non-mIRC based client written in C++ via MS visual studio and Windows template library.  The layout is the most complex of the clients reviewed and lends its self to irc vets who are on a lot of channels at once (i'd disable a lot of the extras if your not).  Main features are the many monitors that log any and all activity on the server, channel, and private level which line the borders of the main chat window.  Main downside is the complexity of the preferences editor, which allows you to directly change things but requires you to know the the proper code format (i.e. to change colors you must know the hexadecimal code for that color).

More IRC Programs may be listed pending how many are tested.

Check out this screen shot of IRC (now working, using devilz dirc)

Screen Shot

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