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Friends of The Realm


Like Gaming, Forums, and chatting? Then check out the Crew! you can even meet the webmaster him self! Just ask for Uber :)

Linerror's Dominion and Natures Gift Basket

They've faded into history but still live on in the realm. 


Other Notable sites of Interest:

Overclockers Australia

The computer site, features reviews, forums, and news concerning both personal computer products and current events.  Join the thousands people who visit ocau daily.

Another technical website with plenty of forums to answer any question you may have and reviews of many pc products.  Well worth a visit!

An IRC site developed by Mtec89.  Featuring a list of IRC scripts he's collected over the years in addition to misc. info and development contests to promote IRC.

Anime Web Turnpike

If' your into anime this is the site for you!  Has a list of tons of sites for tones of amine's

This is an online anime store I commonly get stuff from. Its based in Springfield, IL

If you can't find stuff locally, he'll have it or he'll get it.  Just send him a message.

For those of you into the RC hobby here's a place to get stuff from.

Great place to find RC Vendors and RC Tracks or just find out about the RC Car hobby

WLUP - The Loop 97.9 FM

A Chicago Radio station that Broadcasts over the net and in Chicago.  Classic and Hard Rock Format

Gwent News

Get your news from more than just U.S. sources


This site distributes a program called "Ad-Aware" best way to kill spyware off your comp.


If you play EverQuest This site can give you valuable info on everything from Characters to Zones.

Includes maps and zone info.


The Official web page of Sony's EverQuest.

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