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Now you have entered the nemetons. This is the core of the grove where all the sacred learning is taught. Slowly this learning will become available to you.

The original druids were the preists, healers, scribes, poets, scientists, and philosophers for the ancient Celtic people. There was so much memorization involved (It was forbidden to commit it to writing) that it took nineteen years to finish training.

Druids could be both male and female. Women in this culture had far more freedom and rights than others of the time. In fact, women could even be leaders of their clans.

The religion of the Celts was polytheistic, meaning they believed in many gods and goddesses. Their gods were called the Tuatha de Danaan (people of the goddess Dana) and they each had specific attributes. The deities were like the Greek and Roman gods in that they were not all-knowing or perfect. Each had their own personalities, complete with flaws, and they aided or hindered humankind as they saw fit. In modern times, the ancient deities have evolved to become known as the fairies, or the Sidhe. Below you can find links to more teachings of the druids, just click on whatever you wish to learn about.

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