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G'day fellow hunters, greetings from Victoria, Australia. The following photos are from some of my hunting days for Sambar Stags all taken free range and legal. This species of Deer was introduced from Ceylon and India into Australia in the 1860's. They are considered amongst the premium antlered game in the world. They are a big (up to 700lbs) rough, tough deer which inhabit heavily forested mountain country, their strong hold the high country of Victoria. Once you have hunted these deer you catch the disease of Sambar hunting, nothing much else matters but having the pleasure of being in the high country with one of these magnificent animals in your sights. First photo is the start of it all for me, my first deer 7mm mag two shots. Many thanks to John Morris a fine ethical hunter.All photo`s were taken with an old bush bashed Minolta SRT101B which is still in use today.I will change photo`s when time permits.To all you Aussie sambar hunters in my albums watch out you may be next on the net.By the way any one know where there is a good stag rubbing?John.PS hunters bear with the slow loading for the first time and keep clicking to and fro page to page as they are all there.Taken midday Sat. morning at Whittlesea.

I picked up this stags marks after coming out of Conglomerate Ck.into the Dry.Ck.Heavy snow the previous day had pushed him into the Dry.After following his marks for a click or two he launched out of the hop bushes and got a .7mm mag to put him down for the count.

Wonnangatta '93 August walk in hunt shot by mate Kelvin from Tasmania.This stag followed two hinds(200m behind) up to Kelvin in a saddle stood up on his hind legs 15m`s from K took a big sniff and then darted across getting a.7mm on the way.What a sight what a memory.We crossed the river pre dawn and waited on the spur as this stag had been sighted fighting another the previous day so set up our hunt for the ambush.Another good

I nailed this stag one wet morning with my 7mm---one shot and having no flotation in the boat due to a fire i tied the life jackets on his front and back ends ---didnt want to lose him.

Lake Eildon stag rubbed this tree during the night 100m from our camp.Bet you didn`t notice it is actually half a stag put down on the carry out.This stag was with two other deer which were just ahead of us and sneaked out the back door and paid the price.