Sun Sign

Parts Used



AcaciaAirSunWoodProtection, Psychic EnhancementBurn while you announce your desire/ add to other herbs for money and friendship
AllspiceFireMarsDried FruitMoney, Luck and HealingBurn crushed dried berries for attracting money and luck. Add to mixtures for healing. Use in healing herbal bath
AlmondAirMercuryDried Fruit, Leaves and WoodAbundance, ProsperityCarry, wear or burn for attracting abundance or use for making amulets
AloeWaterMoonEntire PlantProtection, Attract LoveHang at the front door, in the kitchen, in doorways and hallways to attract luck and protection to the inhabitants
AngelicaAirVenusRoots, FruitProtection, Healing, Attracts the gift of temperanceBurn sun-dried herbs while you announce your desire and retain it in your mind. Also used in candle magick
AniseAirJupiterSeedsProtection, Psychic Enhancement, SleepWear on person as sachet. Use in dream pillows for good nightís sleep. Burn while meditating
AsafetidaFireMarsRoot, LeavesBanishing, Protection, PurificationBurn crushed roots and leaves for incense
AsphodelFireVenusFlowersLove drawingPlace flower next to altar or next to tool used for attracting love. Also worn in hair
Balm of GileadWater/ EarthVenus/ SaturnFlowery Tops and LeavesSoothes Love Pains, DestressingThrow fresh herbs in bath and visualize wish coming true, place in red wine for ttracting love
BasilFireJupiterFlowery tops, LeavesMoney, Protection, LoveBurn crushed powder while announcing desire or sprinkle on person. Mix with other herbs for protection and love
Bay LaurelFireMercuryLeaves and WoodDivination, Protection, Purification, Justice, SleepBurn fresh leaves for divination. Hang at highest point in room for protection. Burn in four corners of room for purifying. Place in dream pillow for sleep or with other herbs for psychic dreams
BenzoinAirSun/MarsRoots and LeavesPurification, IntellectBurn for success in intellectual matters. Burn powdered leaves for purifying
BergamotEarthJupiterRoots, Tops, LeavesMoney, ProsperityUse oil in attracting money. Carry sachet for gambling luck
BetonyFireJupiterLeaves, Tops Protection, Purification, LoveCarry sachet, scatter in four corners of room, or burn let smoke cover person for protection. Carry in amulet for love advances, burn for banishing disharmony
BirchAirSaturnWoodProtection, PurificationUse for making magick tools. Mix with other herbs for peaceful sleep
BistortEarthSaturnWhole HerbClairvoyance, FertilityCarry sachet for fertility and conception. Add as booster for divination
BurdockWaterVenusRoots, Tops, LeavesProtection, PurificationCarry sachet or burn for purification. Rinse with root decoction for ridding oneself of negative feelings
CactusFireMarsWhole PlantProtectionBury with other banishing symbols for protection. Grow to prevent unwanted intrusions. Use spines to mark banishing candles
ChamomileWaterSunFlowersMagick Preparation, Healing, ProsperityDrink as tea. Use in bath for magick preparation. Use as amulet for prosperity. Burn for restful sleep, visualize desire
CarawayAirMercurySeedsProtection, Passion, MemoryCarry sachet for protection. Add with other herbs for love. Carry seeds to strengthen memory. Use in sleep pillows to remember dreams
CarnationFireSunFlowery TopsCreativity, Enhance Magickal Powers, achieve balanceLight scented candle, use in bath. Place with other herbs for energy. Burn flower tops for creativity
CatnipWaterVenusRoots and LeavesHappiness, Animal Magick, Psychic Enhancement, healing petsUse as tea for happiness, pet healing. Relaxant for meditation. Burn dried leaves for love wishes
CelandineFireSunWhole HerbProtection, Escaping Entrapments, Happiness Use when feeling trapped in an undue negative situation. Wear as amulet for protection and happiness
CinnamonFireSunBarkProtection, Healing, Love, Passion, MoneyBurn to promote clairvoyance and protection. Add to money herbs for boost. Mix with appropriate herbs to add energy and quickness to healing
CinquefoilEarthJupiterWhole HerbProtection, Love, Healing, ProsperityAll-purpose. Carry sachet for prosperity. Burn crushed fresh herb for multipurpose wishes. Hang in front door, hallways for protection in home. Smudge in corners to ward off negative influences
CloverEarthMercuryWhole HerbProtection, Mental Clarity, Money, LuckCarry sachet or amulet for protection. Use four leafed insachet or amulet for luck, money, and mental clarity
ClovesFireSunFlowery TopsRepelling Negative InfluencesWear or carry to repel negative energies. Carry with other herbs for mental clarity or attracting love. Hang over crib to protect baby
ComfreyAirSaturnWhole HerbProtectionStrong herb for protection from negativity, traveling. Use for protection in astral realms
CorianderWaterVenusWhole HerbLove, Fertility, ProtectionCarry sachet or amulet for fertility. Grow to ward off negative influences and unwanted guests. Used in dream protection sachets
CypressEarthSaturnWoodProtection, Consecration, DivinationHang branch in home of office to ward off negative influence. Burn dried wood for aid in grief and death. Use for making magick tools
DandelionFireSunWhole HerbSleep Protection, HealingUse roots in sachets and dream pillows. Use leaves and flowers in healing teas
DillFireMercuryWhole HerbProtection, LoveUse tops in sachets or over cribs for protection. Hang in shower for attracting women. Use with other herbs to ward off negative energies
DragonsbloodFireMarsResinEnergy, Protection, PurificationRids strong negative influences and bad habits. Place under mattress to alleviate impotency. Use in magickal ink
ElderAirVenusWood, Leaves, Fruit, TopsPurification, Love, Magickal ToolsUse for making magick tools. Use dried fruit and leaves for protection. Burn for cleansing and other personal magick
ElecampaneWaterMercuryStalks, Roots, LeavesBanishing, Love, PurificationDispels violent, angry vibrations. Hide sachet in room, sprinkle herb along doorways and hallways. Add to love sachets and incenses
EucalyptusAirMoonLeaves, Seed podsHealing, Sleep, ReconciliationsUse in sleep and dream sachets. Hang in home to ward off illness. Carry in amulet or sachet to help in reconciliation of relationship.
EyebrightAirSunWhole HerbClairvoyance, MeditationUsed in tea. Anoint eyes for aid in clairvoyance. Use with other herbs to open third eye and aid in meditation
FernAir/ EarthSaturnWhole PlantMental Clarity, ProtectionHang in study to help concentration. Burn sprig before exam. Use sprig in sachet and amulet for powerful auric protection
GardeniaWaterMoonFlowery TopsHealing, Friendship, LoveWear fragrance or crushed flowers to attract easy love and friendship. Burn with other herbs for added peace and comfort during illness
GarlicFireMarsClove, FlowerProtection, Strength, CommunicationHang to strengthen will and encourage family togetherness. Burn while making wish. Add to banishing wishes. Carry sachet for travel over water. Ward off bad weather
GeraniumWaterMarsFlowery TopsLove, Healing, ProtectionUse white for love, red for protection and healing, pink for home protection. Use oil for communication, mending loversí quarrels and protection from disharmony
Ginger RootFireJupiterRootSuccess, Power, MoneyBurn for attracting money and success in business. Carry for power. Use in love wishes
HawthornFireMarsWood, Fruit, Flowery TopsProtection, Career Success, PurityUse for making magick tools, attracting fairies, and in protective sachets and caplets. Drink tea during incantations of wishes
HazelAirSunWood, FruitWisdom, Protection, FertilityUse for making magick tools. Give sachet of fruit to brides for luck in marriage and fertility. Hang sprigs for protection and luck.
HeatherWaterVenusWhole HerbProtection, Peace, HealingCarry amulet for powerful protection. Hang to promote peace and sleep. Place on altar for boosting other items to enhance psychic abilities
HeliotropeFireSunFlowery Tops, LeavesClairvoyance, BanishingBurn or carry to ward off negative influences and increase courage and will power. Use fresh under pillow to reveal theft
High JohnEarthSaturnRootProsperityAdd to other herbs and oils to greatly enhance money spells
HollyFireMarsWhole HerbProtectionUse for making magick tools. Wish enhancement. Heightens masculinity.
HoneysuckleEarthJupiterFlowersDivine Inspiration, Peace, Balancing, ProsperityRub flowers into forehead for psychic powers. Use sachet or a scented candle for clairvoyance. Use in bath for balance. Add to prosperity oils, incense, sachet and wish items for quick abundance
HopsWaterMarsFruitHealing, BalancingDrink tea for restful sleep and after magick. Burn herb during healing prayers. Tasty when fermented.
HorehoundEarthMercuryWhole HerbProtection, Energy, PowerDrink tea for energy and strength. Increases mental clarity. Carry or burn for protection
HyacinthWaterVenusFlowery TopsLove, ProtectionCarry in sachet and amulets to ease grief and childbirth pains. Wards off nightmares. Used as protective charm. Anoint candle for protection
HyssopFireJupiterWhole HerbProtection, HealingDrink tea for mental and physical protection. Use in healing bath.
IvyWaterSaturnWhole TreeProtection, Fertility, LoveHang in front door to ward off negative influences and unwanted guests. Use for making love wands
JasmineEarthJupiterFlowerSpiritual Love, Dream SleepUse in dream pillows for sweet dreams at troubled times. Fresh flowers and oils are used for attracting and maintaining spiritual love. Very powerful
JuniperFireSunWhole HerbMoney, Protection, Love WishesUse oil with other herbs for increasing money status. Burn scented candle for prosperity. String fruit to attract love. Burn leaves and fruit for magickal purposes. Hang sprig to prevent theft and unwanted visitors. Place sprig with valuables to safeguard
LavenderAirMercuryFlowersLove, Protection, PurificationBurn or place on pillow for restful sleep. Use in bath to purify and cleanse.
Lemon VerbenaAirVenusWhole HerbDream Protection, LoveWear to protect from dreaming. Carry leaves or amulet to attract opposite sex. Add to wishes to enhance power
LovageWaterSunLeavesPsychic Sleep, Energy, PurificationDrink tea for psychic dreams or energy booster before exam. Add to other herbs to enhance attraction
MallowAirVenusFlowery Tops, LeavesPeace, Happiness, FemininityDrink tea or bathe in to soften womanís character and appreciate small things
Marigold/ CalendulaFireSunFlowersLove, ClairvoyanceAdd to herbs in sachets, amulets, and incense to attract new love or revive current love. Place above bed or in dream pillows for psychic dreams
MarjoramAirMercuryWhole HerbAccept Change, Prediction, Balancing, ProtectionBurn over burner when someone dies. Place under pillow and ask for revealing dream. Add as booster for love wishes. Place in corners for protection
MeadowsweetWaterJupiterWhole HerbLove, Happy EnergyUse as symbol of love when mixing potions. Add pinch to boost. Burn herb or scented candle to relieve disharmony and tensions
MelilotAirSaturnLeavesMemory, HealingUse as decoction. Rinse over head to increase memory. As a bath, heals and soothes
MintFireVenusFlowery Tops, LeavesClear thinkingDrink tea to clear head before meditation or magick. Calms an explosive relationship
MistletoeAirSunWhole HerbProtection, Healing, LoveHarvest on Waning Moon with shotgun. Repels negative influences and unwanted advances. All-purpose protection in amulet, sachet, and when hung. Use in healing bath. Worn to help conceive and hold current love. Protection in astral travel
MugwortAirVenusWhole HerbTravelers Protection, DivinationHarvest at full moon. Protection on long journeys. Drink tea to enhance psychic power. Rub leaves on forehead to increase clairvoyance
MulleinFireSaturnWhole HerbProtectionUse in amulet to ward off unwanted influences. Carry to guard against wild animals. Burn leaves to banish heavy bad influences
MyrrhWaterSunResinHigh Psychic Vibrations, Spirituality, Purification, ProtectionBurn and walk through area to cleanse in meditation. Burn to purify and protect. Pass objects through smoke to cleanse of negative energy. Burn during healing wishes. Standard magickal enhancement
Myrtle/ BayberryWaterVenusWhole HerbLoveUse to make magick love tools. Wear leaves while preparing love potions, burn with love wish. Add to friendship wishes
NettleFireMarsWhole HerbProtection, Petty ProblemsDrink tea or sprinkle on person or room to remove petty jealousies, gossip, envy, and uncomfortable situations. Use in poppet to return bad vibes, then bury
NutmegAirJupiterSeedsClairvoyanceStrengthens psychic powers. Carry seed or anoint candle to enhance psychic dreams and wishes
OakFireSunWood, Fruit, LeavesProtection, Strength, Longevity, Wisdom, FertilityHarvest on Waning Moon. Use to make magick tools. Bury things under oak tree for manifestation of wishes. Use fruit in fertility wishes. Hand sprig to strengthen family. Carry for wisdom and strength.
OnionFireMarsWhole HerbProtection, Banishing, Purifying, HealingCut in half and place in corners or burn or bury in morning to absorb illness. Rub on magick tools to cleanse. Sacred to moon. Burn flowers to banish bad habits
OrangeWaterSunFruit, Leaves, WoodMental Agility, Business, Love, BalancingUse flowers in bath to refresh, stimulate, and make attractive. Add rind to love sachet to help someone make up mind. Wear oil during business negotiations.Carry sachet or amulet for decisions
OrrisWaterVenusRootLove, AttractionCarry amulet or sachet to attract new love. Add to love herbs to create loving environment. Use in bath for attraction. Burn during love wish
ParsleyEarthMarsSeeds, LeavesHealing, VitalityCall the power of Earth element. Drink as infusion. Increases strength and vitality after illness. Add to other healing herbs to quicken wish
PatchouliEarthSunWhole HerbLove, Fertility, Business GrowthUse in attracting powerful, passionate love. Burn for new business growth. Worn in sachet for fertility. Use with Earth element herbs for divination and increase in psychic awareness
PennyroyalEarthVenusWhole HerbProtection, BanishmentBurn for protection in meditation and astral protection. Rids self of negative thoughts against you. Carry in sachet or amulet when dealing with negative vibrations. Place on candle for uncomfortable meetings
PeonyFireSunWhole HerbProtection, LuckAll-purpose protection. Use dried root for protective charms. Hang in car or home or burn to rid negative influences. Use with other herbs for luck
PepperFireMarsWhole HerbBanishing, Protection Burn to ward off bad vibrations or before moving into new place. Follow with sage. Carry to ward off petty jealousies. Summons courage to face things.
PeppermintAir VenusWhole HerbPurification, Healing, SleepBurn in new home to clear out negative sickness energies. Carry with other herbs to boost love and abundance. Place on person for haste in healing. Use when changes are needed. Drink tea to ease tension
PlantainFireMarsLeaves, RootHealingUse leaves and roots in healing bath. Burn in candle or throw to east winds in healing wishes
RoseFire/ WaterVenus/ MarsFlowersUltimate Love, ProtectionAids in bringing a true lasting love, mending loversí quarrels. Bathe in petals while thinking of a new love. Burn for love wishes. Carry sachet or amulet for protection against injury
RosemaryFireMarsLeaves, branchesContentment, Love, Protection, Clear Thinking, MoneyHang branches, cook with it or wear to relieve tension. Use as booster in money spells. Drink tea to improve memory
RueFireSaturnTopRepentance, Seeing Mistake, BanishmentHang indoors to help you and others see and understand mistakes. Burn to banish negativity and bad habits
SaffronFireSunWhole HerbClairvoyanceCan substitute orange.
SageEarthJupiterLeavesHealing, PurifyingUse in sachet and amulet for healing wishes. Burn near personal object of person for healing. Burn in four corners to repel negative energies. Drink tea for hasty healing.Use when meditating
St. Johnís WortFireSunWhole HerbProtection, Banishment, CalmingUse leaves in necklace to ward off sickness and tensions.Carry to strengthen courage and conviction. Burn to banish negative thoughts and energies
SandalwoodAirMoonWood, ResinProtection, Cleansing, Meditations, HealingBurn to enhance meditations and healing wishes. Use wood in healing wands. Burn to cleanse and purify. Use with other herbs to develop spirituality
SkullcapEarthJupiterWhole HerbMeditation, Clear ThinkingDrink tea before meditation to enhance. Use in bath for calming aura. Burn to relieve disharmony
Solomonís SealFireSaturnLeaves, RootCleansing, ProtectionBurn to cleanse rooms and self of negative influences. Carry in amulet or sachet for protection. Use with other herbs in dream pillows
SpearmintAirVenusWhole HerbHealing, LoveBurn, carry in sachet or drink tea for healing wishes (respiratory). Use in bath for strength and vitality
ThistleFireMarsWhole HerbHealing, ProtectionAids in speedy recuperation. Hang in home or grow to ward off unwanted visitors and thieves
ThymeAirVenusWhole HerbClairvoyance, Sleep, Cleansing, Healing, LoveUse in dream pillow to ward off nightmares. Burn or use with other oils for aid in psychic awareness. Wear sprig to ward off severe grief. Burn or hang sprig to banish and purify. Use with other herbs for healing. Use in cleansing bath before candle magick
TonkaWaterVenusBeanLoveCarry or place next to candle for love
ValerianWaterMercuryRootstockream Magick, Reconciliations, Love, HarmonyUse fresh in sachets for dream magick and sleep protection baths. Burn for reconciliations in love. Drink tea for harmony. Add to other herbs for love wishes.
VervainWaterVenusWhole HerbCleansing, Protection, LoveUse in cleansing baths and incense before working magick. Use to purify and protect
VioletWaterVenusFlowery TopsLove, Luck, Night MagickCarry for luck. Give to newly married couples and babies. Have nearby when working night magick and to aid in divination and spirituality
WillowWaterMoonWoodDivination, Healing, Protection, Moon MagickUse to make magickal tools. Use when working with spirits and healing wishes. Wear sprig when someone close dies. Place on altar to moon magick and divination
WormwoodAirMarsFlowery Tops, LeavesClairvoyance, ProtectionSmolder during magick ritual. Burn during divination and clairvoyance. Burn for protection.
YarrowWaterVenusFlowery TopsLove, Clairvoyance, BanishmentCarry sachet or amulet to repel negative influences. Keeps newly married couple together. Aids in courage and in divinatory workings