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QSL Information

Permanent Station Information

Previously, we have operated from various location in the park, inside and outside of the submarine and battleship. On December 20, 2002, our permanent club station became operational in the encoding room, adjacent to Radio Central and two decks below the main deck.

At this time, our permanent antenna is a multi-band DX 88 vertical mounted about 150 feet off the water on top of a radar director, right below and in front of the largest dish seen in the photos. This was made possible by Jim Flanders, mainstay of museum ships amateur radio.

Permanent station equipment is a Kenwood TS120, tuner and power supply, as well as a complete Collins station. Thanks to the family of silent key Bill Tunnell WB4WOU, a prince of a gentleman from Andalusia, Alabama. We are honored that his equipment goes on, promoting museum ships and amateur radio.

Other equipment comes in and out from time to time, and we hope to add a few photographs sometime soon.

Blank radio message sheet found in encoding room safe.

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