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About W4BPR

About W4BPR

Our radio club was founded to operate amateur radio equipment at the Battleship Park, aboard the USS Alabama and the USS Drum. We usually operate along with fellow HAMs to contact other museum ships world-wide during special events. We have operated all over the park, including on the actual battleship and submarine, in a car in the parking lot, and even under a wing of the B52 that is a part of the museum's exhibition.

The purpose of our club is to honor the sacrifices and work of U.S. veterans, to encourage potential visitors to visit and enjoy museum ships here and around the nation, and to promulgate. Secondary purposes are the promulgation of goodwill among HAMs and to have fun!

Please try to visit Battleship Park and other museum ships on display. If you are interested in other historical ships, a link is available on our links page.

We are incorporated as a nonprofit organization.


Jep Hill

Address of trustee:
61 Williams Court
Mobile, AL 36606

We encourage any skilled operators who share our goals to join us during the special events, which are usually held about 3 times a year.

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