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Belmont Bar in Hamtramck. Click the pic for a LARGER view...Overview from AOL CityGuide of the Belmont reads: Hamtramck: compact, concise and, if it had a mouth, it would never mince words. The same holds for its bars and live music spots; there's probably not a bartender in town that would make a martini with a straight face. It's that tight. And the Belmont just pulled that knot a little tighter. On narrow streets, with we-don't-announce-it cultural diversity, and serving the coldest beer ever, the Belmont opened August 31, 2003, sporting minimal interior and a music-in-the-back-room dynamic. A lone, but welcomed pool table greets you to the immediate right upon entering the small bar area. Dark walls and quasi-chrome bar appointments deliver the Belmont from the standard bar motif of deep wood. The bar itself is relatively dark, and it seats no more than 10 people. The attached room in the rear hosts bands and other assorted cavorting. When you first walk in, the room resembles the famed but now defunct AFB bar which once stood at Woodward and Brentwood. Owner and drink-master Darren Grow has nicely set up shop in this truly unique and always fun community. The Belmont is a perfect complement to a great town. -- John Horn

Wednesday, September 15, 2004