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The Ameritech building.
A view from next to the Buhl Building reveals the side of the (believe it or not) Penobscot Building. "The Penobscot Building's history is more complicated than most. First, a 13-story office building was constructed in 1905 on Fort Street, and then a 24-story addition (pictured here) was built on Congress Street in 1913. The skyscraper that most people identify as the Penobscot Building was designed by Wirt C. Rowland of Smith Hinchman and Grylls in 1928. For half a century, the Penobscot Building ? at 47 stories high ? was Detroit's tallest skyscraper." (Sited from the Detroit Area Art Deco Society by noted Forum Historian, DRM)
The Wayne County Building gets some TLC.
Cobo Arena scoreboard.
Cobo Arena Interior.
Cobo Arena Interior.
Cobo Arena Interior.
Cobo Arena Exterior.
Compuware starts to take shape. In the Summer of 2003, it will be done!?!
Crowded Streets.
Crowded Streets.
Detroit Cornice & Slate Co.
Central Methodist Church.
Fire Station 1.
The Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.
The Mutual Building and Fyfe Shoes.
The Guardian Building side door.
The Guardian Building is quite tall.
St. Mary's Church in Greektown.
St. Mary's School in Greektown.
The rear of 1300 Beaubien (Police Headquarters) with the headquarters garage (behind that) and the New Wayne Co Jail in the foreground.
Kales Building, Fine Arts, Times Square, etc overlooking Grand Circus Park.
The Metropolitan Building.
The Metropolitan Building.
The Metropolitan Building.
The Metropolitan Building.
Here's something a bit more modern, the former Comerica Building, now called 211 W. Fort. It is home to a variety of tenants, including the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and U.S. Attorney's Office. (Thanx to DRM from the Forum).
Ah, I did manage to squeeze one in at the Auto Show.
Looking northwest on Grand River. The building in the lower right foreground is the beautifully-restored Parker Webb building. There is an old-fashioned shoe repair shop on the first floor of this building. On the lower left is Nick's Gaslight, one of the restaurants that has stuck around through hard times. To the upper left is part of DTE Energy's headquarters. (Thanx to DRM from the Forum).
The 'under construction' side of the Opera House.
The Ren Cen.
The Ren Cen.
The Ren Cen again.
Last shot of the Ren Cen.
The Windsor skyline.

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