Sheba, Bogie, Buddah and Josie's,
'Cyber Pet Pals'

This is Amelia,She is named after the famous aviator, Amelia Earhart. She is originally from the North Shore of Hawaii. My friend Megan's son, found her there while he was stationed at Barbers Point Naval Air Station. Megan says, "When he had to go to Japan he asked me to take care of her. He sent her to me on a plane and it was a very long trip. I was very frightened when I went to pick her up at the airport. She was to come through Chicago on the way to Columbus, but was sent to Molene. Illinois. I was very very frightened that they had lost her like people lose luggage. She is a Tortoise short hair."

Preshus came into Marcia's life after her beloved Pud passed away. She is a kind and loving dog and already has found her way onto the 'net' Little Preshus has her own website and has also won a few competitions. To meet Preshus and vote for her Please click HERE

Hi! My name is Maggie. My Mommy adopted me from the SPCA in late 1996. We aren't sure how old I am, our best guess is about 10. I love to go riding in the car, camping, walking, playing tug of war, chasing the ball even though I never bring it back right away, and attention. I also love to cuddle and play with my woobies (stuffed animals). I went fishing for the first time this summer. I loved chasing the lures through the shallow water and siffing at the bass that were caught. I can do lots of tricks for treats too heeheehee. I am happy to be here amongst friends. Nice to meet you !!

Meet KIWI he is truly the luckiest Parrot in the whole world. His Mom, Dori, needs to be applauded, she has made a paradise for him. Dori is rich in the knowledge of bringing up birds like Kiwi. He has his own Condo, and every imaginable toy that a bird can dream of. Visit his
OWN WEBSITE Kiwi now has a beautiful sister (a doggie) and her name is PUD, I shall soon post a picture of Pud right here.

Meet Little Girl, she belongs to another little girl, called Caitlin. Little Girl loves boxes. She will be 8 years old in March, she was adopted from the SPCA at 5 weeks in 1994. The SPCA found her abandoned. She's a domestic short hair and completely spoiled. She bothers her family for cat treats every morning. She likes to sleep on lumpy things, laundry, a bunched up blanket, Caitlin's teddy bear, and she's the family alarm clock. She likes to be brushed and loves to look at fish.

Now this is JOEY. Joey is a mitten-pawed cat, or polydactil. He has 6 toes on each of his front paws. Therefore his paws look like big mittens. He also has a tail that is crooked on the end. Some kittens can be born that way because the tail becomes broken when they are born. I named him Joey after the character Joey from the TV show friends. On one show, Joey goes to Las Vegas and see a card dealer and observes his hands. Joey says that he has found his "hand twin"! He likes to eat dried golden raisins.

This is HAROLD T. CAT his parents Kristi and Tony Ciralo got tired calling him that, so he became Harry. "He's 8 years old & he's a Big Baby. He even cries like a Big Baby. He's a 'little escape artist', too. If you open the door just even a little bit, he's out the door then, he just sits there & waits for you to get him. He watches hockey and football. He thinks he's a dog because he runs to the door when the doorbell rings. If I'm careless about the toilet seat, not only do I get yelled at by Kristi but Harry drinks out of the toilet".

This little family of three live in Holland. Garfield, Gizmo and their sister Noah, (yes Noah is a girl) she is a doggy. They have a very loving Mum named Esther.

Eddie lives in Falmouth, Maine with his parents Dustin and Olivia Martin. He is named after the famous WWII aviator, Eddie Rickenbacker. He loves stuffed animals. His two favorites are the little Wallaby that his dad got in Australia, and the stuffed Ohio State Football Helmet. He loves to look out the windows and walk all the birds and critters in the Maine woods behind his house.

This is Little Sophio, formerly thought to be Sophia. Sophio belonged to Anne who had to give him away, because she had to move. Sophio's human grandmother Martha feels that this picture should be on a calender, it is so pretty. Girl kitties watch out Sophio has those kind of eyes, you'd want to leave home for.