Little Jasmine

Born Sept.3rd Died Friday 13th Oct.2000

I had never been a 'Cat Lover' In fact I was afraid of Cats,
My Sisters Angela and Corinne both have Cats,
I gave my sister Caroline, a rabbit named 'Smally',
who died in her arms at the age of five.

But when my husband John brought Little Jazmine home,
For me to see how cute she was, (she was born in the shed outside)
I was totally 'Smitten by the Kitten'.

I became her Mommy and also adopted one of her sisters,
I named her Sheba, just so that Jazmine would not be alone.
I wrote to my friend Megan Martin,
who knows 'everything' about Cats and I asked her for expert advice.
Megan was so helpful, she was a God send,
She wrote me long and detailed emails advising me what to do,
Megan answered my every query. She was a great help.
I spoon fed Jazmine and Sheba with mashed baby food.
And fed them kitten milk, with an ink dropper.
I woke up in the wee hours of the morning,
to tend to both Jazmine and Sheba's needs,
Just like a 'Real Mom' would have done.

Friday the 13th comes along, and while playing,
Jazmine's sister Sheba, accidently pushed her through the railings
She fell 6 feet to the floor below, and broke her neck.
I rushed downstairs and picked her up, she was gasping for air,
I called out to my Stepson Derek to come and help,
who was in the shower at the time,
He came to the rescue in minutes, he did what he could to help her.
She gasped for breath for 20 minutes while Derek gently stroked her.
Then looked up at him and closed her eyes and passed away.

I could do nothing but cry, I was so sad,
Derek made Jazmine's last few minutes, so filled with care and love,
I shall be forever grateful to him.

I dont know what lesson to learn from this experience,
Do Strange and horrible things really happen on 'Friday the 13th.?

But whatever the lesson is.....
"We all love You Little Jazmine"
You were my first true 'Kitty Love'
But even though you have gone to Heaven,
You will always be remembered.
My Beautiful Beautiful Baby Cat,
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