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About the artist...

My name is Jordan Peirce. I have been working with silver since late June of 2003,
and it has taken me years to develop this unique form of art. Throughout the years
I have developed my style, and though self taught I have had great help from those
people whose encouragement and wonder pushed me to move ever forward.
Nothing is quite so satisfying to me as setting a precious down into the center of an
abundant filligree of wire.

At the age of 6 I had my first mining experience when I stumbled upon some lava
rock in Southern California with spears of rubelite shooting from it. I broke
off several pieces of the beautiful crystal and was captivated, and since then have
always had an affinity for the natural beauty of precious gemstones.

I studied art at Middle Tennessee State University a couple years, but after a few
summers spent on the road I fell in love with travel. Travelling, hiking, mining, camping,
and exploring the wilderness of this great nation had only extended my love for the

I strive to emulate organic structure, movement and growth captured into a moment.
The energy of the minerals drives me as I create.

In my travels I created life and since have begun the long process of "settling down."
My daughter is now the heart of my life, and can only think my higher power for her
on a daily basis, for she is truly a Myracle in my life. Everything I do today is with
her in mind.

I also work in photography, graphic design and web development. This site is created
and managed by me with the help of a good friend and fellow artist, David Cantrell.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to e-mail me (yodahimself@gmail.com), I would be glad to
help in any way I can.