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Thank you for visiting The Diabetic. This page is dedicated to the IRC channel #diabetes. My name is Brian Mozisek, and I'm one of the(ir)regulars on the channel. I use to be very regular, but then life got more complicated.

Why is this here? The answer is very simple. I have been a type I Diabetic since October 9, 1994. Before I became a diabetic I knew very little about it, and I found out since then that the only people who know about diabetes are either those with it or those who have family members with it. Everyone who has no family history of diabetes know next to nothing about it. I want to be able to educate people about diabetes so that they will be able to recognize the syptoms and ask their doctor about it.

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In the last part of April '96, I started to use an insulin pump and have decided to write about my experience with it. I would like to thank the Children with Diabetes an online diabetic magazine for giving the encouragement to write about my experience and also for editing my story for the web.

I have collected some diabetes related links that I have found useful. I also regularly visit the IRC channel #diabetes. Here are some people on #diabetes.

Starting January 6, 1997, I started to use the new insulin by Lilly called Humalog in my insulin pump. Humalog is an extremely fast acting insulin, it normally starts working in 15 minutes, peaks at 1 hour and last 5-7 hours. It is very refreshing to be able to take my insulin 15 minutes before I eat.

My Story

My story is kind of of long, but I think it is worthwhile to tell. About the first of August, 1994 I started to lose weight. I didn't think much of this because I gained the "Freshman Fifteen." Then around the first of September, I started to drink lot s and lots of water, and as a consequence I had to go to the bathroom a lot. This I was naive and contributed to stress.

Along comes the end of September, I start to throw up. After two days, I finally give in and go the doctor for the FIRST time. This doctor told me I had a virus affection of some kind. By this time I had lost all of the fifteen pounds I gained my fres hman year.

Two weeks later on October 7, I decided to go see my family because I wanted to have my eyes checked because they were blurry at times. So the next day, Saturday, I went to the eye doctor. That just happened to be one of my good days and my eyes were fi ne. Well, that afternoon I went shopping with my mom and had a HUGE Icee. That Icee almost killed me.

About two hours after I finished it, I felt terrible. I was throwing up and couldn't keep any food down at all. I made it through the night drinking Sprite because that was the only thing I could keep down. Sunday morning, I went to another doctor. Sh e also told me that I had some type of virus. By this time, I had lost over to 30 pounds in about two months time. She ran some blood test, and took some more blood to have more test run on Monday when the lab was open. The test the were able to run sh owed that my potassium levels were way low. She suggested that I try to drink Gatorade to bring the levels up and to keep my from dehydrating. I went home and tried to drink the Gatorade.

Around 3:00 in the afternoon, my sides started to hurt. I later found out this pain was my kidneys shutting down. My parents rushed me to the hospital emergency room where the nurse who examined me immediately diagnosed me as having diabetes. I didn't remember a thing in the ER although I was told I was awake the whole time and doing whatever thy asked me too. All I remember is that someone told me that I was diabetic. The rest is history.

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This site will always be under construction. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me at the address below.

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