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The Story of 'Vid

There once was a 'man' named 'Vid,
No one ever knew him 'cause he hid,
But I do recall one story
about 'Vid and all his glory:

One day he saw a bottle of alcohol
and imediately bounced off the wall,
He ran to the building with all the books
in order to give a certain policy the looks,
When he read the policy it gave him the blues,
And he ran to Jackie to give her the news;

Jackie did her duty
even though 'Vid was kind of fruity,
And filled out the report
that sent Mr. Beach to court;

Mr. Beach remained calm and took the situation well
while he started planning 'Vid's personal hell,
He started with a poster
in order to spite that lonester,
Once he started to meddle
he found a lily petal,
But it was decided that even more needed to be done
and that's when Mr. Beach started to have some fun;

Mr. Beach thought long and hard
about how to get revenge on the retard,
His plans started simple enough
until he decided to get tough;

An axe Mr. Beach did obtain
with the intention to bring 'Vid some pain,
He waited up one night
as he drank some Miller Lite,
Finally 'Vid went to bed
and Mr. Beach went after his head;

I tell you this story for one reason and one reason only:
That you too will pay the price for treason and end up lonely,
So think of poor ol' 'Vid
before you do what he did,
Don't turn in your roommate if he's incapacitated
or else you too will end up decapitated!

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