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Crazy Craig's Homepage

Hi...I'm Craig Corzine, and I'm currently a graduate student here at the wonderful
University of...Delaware...
I got my undergraduate degree as an Economics major and am now going for my Master's in the same field. I went to study in Denmark for my final semester of undergraduate was an incredible opportunity and anyone who gets the opportunity to study abroad should definitely do it.

I grew up in Rochester, NY, but have been going to school in Delaware for 4 years now, so I really don't have a city to call home until I find a permanent job after school. Where I'll get a job is anyone's guess since I'm pretty much open to working anywhere right now. I graduated from Hilton High School almost four years ago (yea). I don't do anything particularly out of the ordinary in my life. I play the clarinet and piano. My favorite sport is tennis. Though I also play basketball and some baseball. We're thinking of getting an intramural softball team together in our economics department. I listen to pretty much all types of music...except for country of course. I used to have an obsession with ball caps...I had close to 30 of them at one point, though now I'm more than comfortable just wearing my green Nike cap every day. And I love to eat cereal...with or without milk, doesn't matter...See list below. I also love to eat at Nick Tahou's (what sane person from Rochester doesn't?). Click here to find out more about the best restaurant in the world. Nick Tahou's is the one reason that I have for going back home now...well, my family and friends are also good reasons to go home and visit I guess:-).

My entire philosophy on life is to not care about anything...a bunch of guys on my floor freshman year named themselves the CGO's (cool guys only)...I've started up my own group called the:

APO's (apathetic persons only)
So far I am the only member...but I really just don't care. One of my main projects since I've been here has been to help run a dinner theater with a man simply known as "Long Beach". The dinner theater is called:
The Noodle Chicken
I came up with the name all by myself, but please- no applause. We've put on two dinner theaters freshman year, did NCIII and NC17 two years ago, and NC2000 this past fall. Sadly, NC2000 was my last official Noodle Chicken. I am now retired, having successfully sold off my half of the investment to Mr. Beach for a tidy sum that will help me move to Florida where I can relax and play golf for the rest of my life. Mr. Beach, now having full control of the rights to the Noodle Chicken has managed to put on a highly successful marketing campaign to keep the customers coming back for two more Noodle Chickens. One of which I was lucky enough to attend as a guest. You can click on the above link for some more info on the dinner theater-sorry, no pics yet:-(...actually on second thought, don't click on the above link because you'll only get a blank dumbass page. I've had the link there ever since I started this page three and a half years ago and I still haven't put anything on it, so you'll only be wasting your time...but do go to my other links, they all have substance.

I am also a huge sports fan. Go Cubbies!!!

My freshman year here, we pulled a bunch of pranks on our dorm floor. Here's some pictures

That's pretty much me in a nutshell (help, I'm trapped in a do they make a nutshell this big?...Austin Powers). Stay tuned, as I intend to keep updating this page as I try to learn how things actually work. Actually, unless there's something majorly new that happens in my life, I probably won't update it, but keep coming here anyways to keep my counter rising:-) I have pictures and have finally learned how to use the scanner at my parents house. Someday when I'm not on a graduate student's salary, I will be able to buy a scanner of my own and be able to scan in many more pictures.

I also write stories in my spare time. I put one of them on this webpage. It probably sucks, and I know there's grammar errors, but I just don't care (remember the APO's). feel free to read it and comment on it if you so choose. I pretty much just put it up here to make my webpage look bigger. My current project is to create my own newspaper..."The Real View" and publish it on the web. I'm sick of our school newspaper... "The Review", so I'm creating this for my own personal expression as well as to just give The Review a little competition. Feel free to check it out. People have actually told me that they like it!

Click on the Danish Flag to see some pictures from my semester abroad in Denmark

Click on the Europe Flag to see some pictures from my European travels

Click below to learn about a really cool radio station that you can listen to live on the web. And they broadcast live Rochester Rhinos soccer games as well.

Anyways, that's pretty much all there is to me right now. I'll be updating this every once in a while, so stay tuned.

Favorite Cereals

My Favorite Links

The Onion- Comical Newspaper-satire of everyday life
ESPN SportsZone- Best site for sports news
Nick Tahou's- The best place in the world to eat
My friend Mike's Homepage Free fantasy sports couldn't leave this address out
BERT IS EVIL- hilarious page
Boxerjam...good multi-player internet word games
MapBlast- A great site for driving directions
A great source of info for UD students!!!