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Quantock44701910Tatem Steam Navigation Co.Ltd
Quebec City49361911Reardon Smith
Quebec City(2)47451927Reardon Smith
Queen City48091924Reardon Smith
Queen City(2)55931950Reardon Smith
Queen of the Isles5151964P & A Campbell (chartered)
Radcliffe Trader6221956Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Radcliffe Venturer5041964Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Radnor1750John Cory & Sons
Radnor45761923Cardigan Shipping Co.Ltd
Radnor45761923Cardigan SS Co.Ltd.
Radyr1500John Cory & Sons
Raglan1450John Cory & Sons
Raisdale43461924Turnbull Coal & Shipping Co.Ltd
Ramillies4500John Cory & Sons
Rapid1450John Cory & Sons
Ravenshoe3000John Cory & Sons
Ravenswood3911891P & A Campbell
Reading3000John Cory & Sons
Redruth3600John Cory & Sons
Relentless2000+Martin & Marquand
Renfrew3250Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Reptonian32421899Cambrian Steam Navigation Co.
Reptonian(2)43081913Cambrian Steam Navigation Co.
Reresby29741898Charles Radcliffe & Co.
Resolven2350John Cory & Sons
Restormel3000John Cory & Sons
Rheubina1500John Cory & Sons
Rhiwderin1500John Cory & Sons
Rhyl1900John Cory & Sons
Rhymney13021882Morel Bros
Rhymney(2)48591912Morel Bros
Riol53411907Reardon Smith
Ripley49971936South American Saint Line
River Wye35391906D.R.Llewellyn, Merrett & Price
Rochdale1913(b)Charles Radcliffe & Co.
Rochdale(2)60981924Charles Radcliffe & Co.
Rochefort1250John Cory & Sons
Rodskar27671889St.Quentin Shipping Co.Ltd
Rosedale Park71391944St.Quentin Shipping Co.Ltd
RosehillMartin & Marquand
Ross1900John Cory & Sons
Rosslyn1200John Cory & Sons
Rougemont2200John Cory & Sons
Rowtor23511891Rowtor SS Co.,Ltd
Rowtor23511891Jenkins Bros,
Royal City54111913Reardon Smith
Ruel(1)40291913Turnbull Bros
Ruel(2)43951917Turnbull Bros
Rugbeian40421904Cambrian Steam Navigation Co.
Runnymede Park71391944St.Quentin Shipping Co.Ltd
Runswick30601904Reardon Smith
Ruperra3000John Cory & Sons
Salopian43021913Cambrian Steam Navigation Co.
Salopian(2)48281914Cambrian Steam Navigation Co.
Salvus(1)22591904Tempus Shipping C.Ltd (Seager)
Salvus(2)48151928Tempus Shipping Co.Ltd (Seager)
Sambo1441910Pardoe-Thomas Ltd., Newport
Samconon72101944B & S Shipping Co.Ltd
Samloyal72441944B & S Shipping Co.Ltd
Samoresby72191944B & S Shipping Co.Ltd
Sampan17301898Melrose Abbey Shipping Co.Ltd
Samshee72101944W.H.Seager (Manager for Min of War)
Samskern72101944Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Sanwen36891914W & C.T.Jones, Cardiff
Saracen32721911Ottoman Line Ltd., Newport
Sarah Radcliffe14401889Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Sarah Radcliffe(2)33331896Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Satrap22341913Trident Line Ltd, Newport
Scatwell44251911Tempus Shipping Co.Ltd (Seager)
Scatwell44251911Portloe Shipping Co.Ltd
Scotia2601880Edwards, Robertson, Cardiff
Scotia2601880John Gunn, Cardiff
Scotia2601880P & A Campbell
Segontian11711901Lyndon Shipping Co., Cardiff
Seringa47291913Claymore Shipping Co. Ltd
Seven Seas Transport50841906Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
SevernE.Taylor & Co
Shakespear50291926South American Saint Line
Shandon38501899Tatem Steam Navigation Co.Ltd
Sharon22781913Ottoman Line Ltd., Newport
Sheba22681912Ottoman Line Ltd., Newport
Shenstone10951899Burnham Shipping Co.Ltd, Cardiff
Shenstone10951899G.H.Allin & Co., Cardiff
Siam City52711911Reardon Smith
Silurian9401898Silurian Steamship Co
Silvia2000+Martin & Marquand
Simoom22221914Trident Line Ltd, Newport
Singleton Abbey24671915Singleton Abbey Shipping Co.Ltd
Singleton Abbey24671915Melrose Abbey Shipping Co.Ltd
Sir W.T.Lewis35171898Tatem Steam Navigation Co.Ltd
Sir W.T.LewisElliot & Jeffery
Sita916T.Beynon & Co
Skegness28011900Reardon Smith
Skegness(2)45731924Reardon Smith
Slav22781913Ottoman Line Ltd., Newport
Slav22781913Sanderson Shipping Co., Cardiff
Snowdon1913(b)Charles Radcliffe & Co.
Snowdon(2)39791924Charles Radcliffe & Co.
Soborg19931924Claymore Shipping Co. Ltd (Manager for Min of War)
SolwayE.Taylor & Co
Sorcerer32721911Ottoman Line Ltd., Newport
South Wales36681906Gibbs & Co
South Wales(2)56191929Gibbs & Co
Southern41051919Cambrian Steam Navigation Co.
Southgate17791883Turnbull- Scott
Southgate (2)36611899Turnbull- Scott
Southport35881900Tatem Steam Navigation Co.Ltd
Spidola27941905Richard W Jones (for Min of War)
St.AndrewsRalph Morel
St.Andrews31181914Morel Bros
St.Andrews(2)31181914Ralph Morel
St.Arvans72471944South American Saint Line
St.Briavels3451943South American Saint Line
St.Clears43121936Barry Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Elwyn49401938Barry Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Elwyn49401938South American Saint Line
St.Elwyn51991940Shakespear Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Elwyn(2)51991940South American Saint Line
St.Essylt56341941South American Saint Line
St.Essylt(2)68551948South American Saint Line
St.Glen46471907Barry Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Helena43131936St.Quentin Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Helena(2)72441944South American Saint Line
St.Ina49571922South American Saint Line
St.Jessica49701920St.Quentin Shipping Co.Ltd
St.John68891954South American Saint Line
St.Lindsay53701938St.Quentin Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Margaret43121936St.Quentin Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Margaret70151941Shakespear Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Margaret(2)70151941South American Saint Line
St.Mellons47821914Barry Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Merriel49801925Barry Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Merriel(2)53481930South American Saint Line
St.Merriel(3)71061942South American Saint Line
St.Peter700Knapp, Jenkins & Co
St.Quentin35281915St.Quentin Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Quentin35281915B & S Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Quentin35281915Triton Steamship Co.Ltd
St.Regulus31311886St.Regulus SS Co.Ltd.
St.Rosario43121937Barry Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Rosario43121937South American Saint Line
St.Rosario(2)91831961South American Saint Line
St.Thomas68551948Shakespear Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Thomas68551948South American Saint Line
St.Trillo3141936P & A Campbell
St.Usk54721909Barry Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Usk54721909Triton Steamship Co.Ltd
St.Winifred57751916Barry Shipping Co.Ltd
St.Woolos67411912Barry Shipping Co.Ltd
Staniel5121943Lovering & Sons
Staniel6281943Lovering & Sons
Starcross28231894Starcross (Anning)
Starcross28231894Penylan Steamship Co.Ltd
Starcross28231894Starcross (Hoggarth)
Statira44091929Chellew Steam Navigation Co.Ltd
Statira(2)48521937Chellew Steam Navigation Co.Ltd
Stolt Llandaff155851971Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Straits of Menai28701894Straits of Menai SS Co.Ltd
Straits of Menai28701894W.J.Williams & Co, Cardiff
Straits of Menai28701894Wlliams & Mordey
Stromness27931902Reardon Smith
Sunray31741917Cardigan Shipping Co.Ltd
Surf15901896William Cory & Son Ltd
Swindon38471899Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Swindon(2)50841906Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Swindon(3)42401917Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Syndic27271916C.Schroeter & Co., Cardiff
Syrie21171904Barry Shipping Co.Ltd

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