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Iddesleigh40271904Tatem Steam Navigation Co.Ltd
Illtyd16791889Turnbull Bros
Indian City46451915Reardon Smith
Indian City(2)62211920Reardon Smith
Indian City(3)70791944Reardon Smith
Indian City(4)270181967Reardon Smith
Iolo21711890Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Iolo Morgannwg12411882Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Iolo(2)14401889Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Iolo(3)39031898Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Iolo(4)38401899Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Italiana26631898Italiana SS Co.Ltd
Italiana26631898Jenkins Bros,
James Tucker4000John Cory & Sons
Jane Radcliffe18301890Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Jane Radcliffe(2)18974074Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Jeanie1114Vindomura Shipping Co
Jersey City46701914Reardon Smith
Jersey City(2)63221920Reardon Smith
Jersey City(3)66861942Reardon Smith
Jersey Dawn78421953Morel
Jersey Hart72751943Morel
Jersey May71761944Morel
Jersey Mist78351954Morel
Jersey Spray78291953Morel
John HenryJohn Cory &Co.
John McConnochieElliot & Jeffery
John Piele3671852John Angel Gibbs & Co.
Johnstown22591904Christopher Jones & Co.
Joyce Llewellyn14461924Cardigan Shipping Co.Ltd
Justitia45621935Chellew Steam Navigation Co.Ltd
Kambole45241915Barry Shipping Co.Ltd
Karl Leonhardt31291904O.W.Willams
Kate B Jones1888Cymmrodorion Steamship Co
Kate Sverland900Knapp, Jenkins & Co
Kate Thomas15571884Evan Thomas, Radcliffe
Kathorne900Knapp, Jenkins & Co
Kawartha Park71511944South American Saint Line
Kent10451881William Cory & Son Ltd
Kildare24101903Melrose Abbey Shipping Co.Ltd
Kindiesel3391936Lovering & Sons
King City28831905Reardon Smith
King City(2)47441928Reardon Smith
King City(3)55931950Reardon Smith
KingslandDaniel Jenkins
Kingsland28311905Kingsland SS Co.Ltd
Kingsland28311905S.R.Ruston & Co
Kingsland28311905Philipps, Philipps & Co.Ltd, Cardiff
Knight Almoner44431930Newport Liners Ltd., Newport
Knight of St.George38071929Newport Normandy Line, Newport
Knight of St.John38071930Newport Liners Ltd., Newport
Knight of St.Michael38071929Newport Provence Line, Newport
Knight of the Cross38571929Newport Africa Line, Newport
Knight of the Realm38651930Newport Argentine Line, Newport
Knight of the Rose38651929Newport America Line, Newport

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