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The suite of grand rooms is of some historic interest, the house having been part of a small palace belonging to a high court official in the 19th century. A great deal of interest has been shown in the preservation and conservation of these rooms, which is being assured by the present owner.

Finally another flight of stairs takes one up to the large roof terrace. The terrace which is full of flowering shrubs bougainvillaea, hibiscus, jasmine, plumbago, etc., has a beautiful outlook over the old city towards the 11th century Koutoubia Mosque in one direction and the magnificent panorama of the High Atlas Mountains, snow covered in winter and spring, in the other direction, and a very pretty local view of the palace roof tops and mosques in the very near vicinity. The terrace has a large table which can sit eight people, Zara, the house keeper and Hashmae, the house man are very happy to serve meals on this lovely terrace, which can be lit at night by electric lights in dramatic lanterns. The whole house is lit at night by lights in beautiful and traditional Moroccan lanterns, which can be complimented by candles in the numerous candlesticks placed around the house.

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