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Whut Is AWA?

Maybe your wondering whut exatly is AWA? Well lemmie fill you in on a lil histroy.First off AWA is Ananrchy Wrestling Association.It was originaly WJW or Wack Juggalo Wrestling.It started as just something for me and my homies to do when we were bored but i got to thinkin why not make it something everyone can enjoy.So i renamed it and got some more homies to wrestle so now i plan on gettin it to be an underground federation or in this case association.Now that you know a lil bit of the history lemmie tell you whut goes on in the AWA.First off this isnt your average WWF bull shit this is real backyard hardcore kick to the boot face wrestling.None of this happy friendly staged soap opra shit WWF does.Whut you will see in the AWA is pure carnage there might be some storys to go with the egos created by the wrestlers but not big ones.You will however see lots of action lots of fat kids too nah im just playin that my own lil thing anyway AWA is going to be fresh if you still have questions contact me Jesta Da Clown at peeace.

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