The Keys of Gnosis may not be fully explained within the Nag Hammadi texts.  The posting of these pages is an humbling endeavour and represents personal learning, insight, and an experience of gnosis. These reflections are respectfully presented as they are, knowing that they will likely change and grow even as we do.

Also, these ideas do not represent the doctrine of any sect or group. Originally, there may not have been any Gnostic church, but rather believers with Gnostic ideas within the churches. Gnosis is not a homogenous school of thought, but an opening to truth wherever it is found. Allegory and variety abounds. The Nag Hammadi Library is a testament to this variety.

The New Testament writers had an eclectic approach in the use of Gnostic myth. In certain congregations some Gnostic ideas were helpful. Some were not. This article takes a similar pragmatic and free approach, with the hope that it might play a part in bringing us to maturity. 

Dean Johnson