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The Gnostic Gospels – The Nag Hammadi Library

The Nag Hammadi Library offers new insight into another early Christian perspective.

Jesus said, "Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me; 

I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him."  (1)

"The kingdom of heaven dwells in your heart, and all around you; 

when you know your Self you too shall be known." (2)

“It suddenly seemed to be a reflection of my Real Self. 

I saw my own Self in this clear mirror, 

knowing the see-er and the seen were not two but One. 

The King of Kings was imaged there shimmering all over, as the true Gnosis.”  (3)

It is said that baptism is done in water because of the reflection.

“What you see you shall become”. (4)

"I am the All, the All issues from me and reaches me. 

Cut wood, I am there; Lift a stone, I am there." (5)

“On earth as in heaven,” (6)

"The above as the below,” (7)

"Make the two into one,

and the inner as the outer, and the outer as the inner,the above as the below,

the male and the female into a single one...

then you'll enter into the kingdom." (8)

The Mystery or the Secret of Christ is this: 

God will gather or attract together all things into One in the one Universal body of Christ.

Making the head as the body. And the body as the head.

All things gathered together in One, the above as the below. (9)

And this Christ in you is the hope of glory. (10)

In the Gospel of Philip speaking of becoming like Christ it is said,

“What you see you shall become.”

Look upon the Christ.

“As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”(11)

“The kingdom of heaven is within you”. 

Can you see it?  Can you see him on the throne.

“In earth as it is in heaven” (12)

Make the two into One, ...
Then you’ll enter into the Kingdom. (13)

When you know your Self,"
Manifesting this glory "you too shall be known"

Troubled and Amazed,
Dean Johnson


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The Key of knowledge provides an invaluable contribution to the devotional study of the New Testament. Discover hidden connections revealing the original thought processes behind the apostolic writings. Aligning the sayings of Jesus together with the apostolic writings, we "make the two into one." It's almost like Jesus and the apostles left us a cross reference study bible. For the serious student, willing to struggle with the text, this reference material may amaze you. Meditate on these things. It will change everything!

The Gospel of Christ is an introduction to the New Testament understanding of the Oneness of the Body, and the Oneness of the All. There is a gospel to the circumcision. And there is a gospel to the uncircumcision. These two communities are reconciled into One Joint-Body as an illustration of that which was, and is, and is to come. There is a complete reunification, a reconciliation of all things, a restoration of the all, a marriage in the holy place, and a kingdom that is spread over all the earth. Christ is all of this, and more. This is just the beginning.