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Alternate/Extra Costumes Code for ALL characters:

Fast TP Refill Trick:
Go to your menu and select Techniques. Then select Heal. Then move the courser to the Resta so that it is highlighted. After doing that, Press the UP button and the A button at the same time. So that the couser moves to the Reverser Technique and casts it while Resta is still targeting a Teammate. It will then cast Reverser. Once you here the chime that Reverser makes, you know it has worked.
PB, and TP Boost Trick:
1)In the Custimize list in the A Button Slot put Zonde or Grants and in the A + R Button Slot put Resta. Then Hold R and let it go and press A (its need to be a little fast) and hold R again. This will hit your friend and give them a PB boost.

2)Also instead of the Zonde or Grants put Reverser This will give them a TP boost.

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