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Welcome 2 da Kiss Of The Dragon Klan. We r a manner klan based on friendship an fun. We are not hackers nor do we tolerate hacking, we r restricted against $$$ modified maps. We enjoy original maps in all of our gaming divisions.

Dis site is made by me(KoD|mushu) and is not copied from anywhere. Click on da copyright below 4 details and credits.



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Hmmz...Im bored...School dont start for me until next week so i did a bit. Erm, actually, very little. Updated some of the profiles due to request but thats all i am doin. Cant really be fucked doin anything else. BTW, RAGE, tell that bitch ass pussy Alan to shut the fuck up before I make him, and Ricky, DONT PISS ME OFF!!! You were ok before but now your staring to talk shit. If you pussies got shit to say, say it to our fucken face. I got no beef with the rest of you guys from RAGE cos its all good. Just the two mentioned above, stop acting like wannabe sick cunts and play the fucken game. DONT PUSH THIS ANY FURTHER!!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! OMG, this clan has somewhat stuck together for more than a year now, hahaha, although on and off, its still pretty good. Lolz. Well, I have done absolutely nothing to this site, I just wanted to say that we have a "friendly" clan war against the Sc00BeR clan on friday at 7:00pm so i thought I should post it up. They are ok, pissed me off with all their flukey headshots, lolz, but they are a little cocky, just a little. Which basically means more touwable!!! Post results after we see some choppage. Ohh, one more thing, RAGE took serious offense to my use of the word "chop" so the chicken shits say shit bout us on their website, fucken pussies. Anyways, I would still like to play them if only they will get the idea of a "friendly" war and stop crying. They still havn't made a date but i post results with RAGE as soon as we "chop", i mean, play them. Lolz


Alright, i corrected the statement that i posted on the previous page before which stated that this site is undergoing some major reconstruction. I have now just decided to upgrade the site with the new information simply becouse i cant be f#@%ed rebuilding and redesigning. I will get rid of some old stuff and continue adding more things to the site, but thats bout it, sorry! BTW, we got a friendly clan war against RAGE, so i checked up their website and they talkin bout "owning" us. Seriously, no date has been set but these words mean that they asking for touwable!!! I will post the results when we chop em.


OMG!!! It's been such a long time since this klan has done anything, but we are back. Bigger, better and more mature. However, despite of this revival, we are not recruiting, we have changed some of our members and some of their names have changed (see members page for details). Also our gaming areas have changed. We are no longer active in Starcraft or Brood Wars but i will still leave that section up for references. We are more active in WC3 and CS, and our D2 division is still clinging on. There have been significant changes in the klan, and more changes will be made to this website to our updated klan. Please chack back for more changes.

18-02-02 sick of da fuckin gay asses dat r olways in our im callin 4 an official move 2 another chan...most of us hav olredy changed but 4 those of u who r unaware of our new is now Public Chat Dragon Now if u got any ideas 4 da site den pls email me.


Just added 2 new memberz, Xenomorph and Ident_Crisis. Sorry guyz i didnt add u sooner but now we r officially ful in regards 2 membrship. However, klan may b a lil inactive, well not really inactive but wont be online as much as we used 2 due 2 skool but still play when u can and enjoy!!!

01-02-02 Well...we hav a new member, ExCaLiBeR. B nice 2 him and make him feel welcome. I hav added some new replays and made a few minor changes. dont 4get 2 email me some good replays if u hav any.
21-01-02 It's been a while since i touched da site...sollies...been a lil' busy and preoccupied, im gona b addin some new replayz and i gotsa fix up our topsites thingy coz i hav 2 add Diablo and i think one of em is b workin on dis site 2 make it better...dun 4get 2 vote.
09-01-02 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! y'all doin??? Its been a while since i updated dis site and i think we lost our position in da topsites list so pls vote 4 us...I hav updated da site...slightly...and i hav added some new members. Dey should hav been added ages ago but i just havnt added em until now...sollies...check back soon, more 2 come.
10-12-01 Well...still workinon da new stuff so da site aint fully upgraded yet. I have done da new memberz page and added all ur detailz in. If is not what u want den plz tell me. We also hav a new member of KoD, KhAn.
03-12-01 New version of KoD is up [KoD ver 2.0] as we r now a gaming klan, not a starcraft klan. Added new stuff 4 Diablo and im gonna make a new memberz page up wif new detailz. New version update should b finished within a week.
22-11-01 Added a memberz section. If u need the login pass just email me, the memberz section is designed for memberz and allies. I also added a public forum so post a msg on, i hav made a disclaimer. Im tired of the stupid shit about stealing other peoples codes, so i made a dislaimer. Click on the copyright below to view it.
18-11-01 Just finished wif da new layout of da site...Relinquishd all of da old news as I am goin 2 be doing it dis way now due 2 its ease. I hav added some minor changes 2 da site and added some new pages. I hav made my own USA on da above banner 2 access it...I hav added a link dat provides u wif Gosu replays and I hav also added some of our new replays so check dat out.