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Rachel Ayars Rachel Ayars Rachel Ayars Rachel Ayars Rachel Ayars
BANG.......u dead!!!

-=]Here r links 2 some World Trade Center Bombing sites[=-

::Site Name:: ::Description::
Attack on America Dis is a good site wif all da news, includes photos and clips of da tragic event...updated regularly
The WTC Memorial Dis is a very good memorial site dedicated to those lost on September 11th.
The Day the World Shook Dis is a very simple page but has a brief, yet detailed analysis of da events dat occured.
American Disaster Offers media section, message board, tenant list, victims list, art pictures, and more.
September 11th Here is a really good site, has news, pictures and memorial art(RECOMMENDED).
Tribute Dis is a Flash movie dat is dedicated 2 the tragic events of September 11th(requires flash).
WTC Images Good page wif horrific,yet sad pictures of the terrorist attack and its after effects.

-=]Here are some funni stuff[=-

If da taliban won If da taliban won2 If da taliban won3
Future WTC No turban