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Wedgie Stories
These stories were taken fromWorld Wide Wedgie

Wedgie Straight Jacket: Day 3
When we left off, Peter and I were planning revenge on the others. Dan came up to check on me. Peter hid in the washroom and I hid in the closet. Dan knocked on the washroom door. "Peter, you in there?" "Yep" was the response. "I'm going in to check on Lucas, k?" So, he walked in. I leaped out onto him and yelled. PT came rushing out. He grabbed Dan's boxers and yanked upwards. I gave him a melvin (with boxers, yowch!). Then we tied his hands to a bedpost and taped his cheeks together. After about ten minutes, AJ came up. He managed to wedgie me before I yelled, and by the time Peter came, he was on my back, tugging away. Peter got a hold of his briefs and yanked up, then we took him to the closet, gagged him, tied his hands and hung him on the coathanger. When Mike came, we didn't even have to hide. We just went straight for him. We gave him a pocket wedgie (see story entitled "Party Pocket Wedgie") and tied his feet to another bedpost. Then Joe came up. He undid everybody and lectured me and PT that revenge was a bad thing, and that our betrayal of our friends was even worse. So, he decided to punish us. First all four of them surrounded me. Joe was at the back, Dan at the front, AJ on the right and Mike to the left. They each grabbed and pulled, eventually lifting me off the ground. They then pushed my heels till they touched my butt and folded the underwear over. They took me into the closet where they hung me by the front. Then they did the same to PT. I felt sorry for him: he was wearing boxers. He was almost crying. Then, since Joe saw his face, he said "All right, Peter, since you are cool and wear boxers, you don't have to have this wedgie. And to make it fair, he let me go too. But what he made us do was this: we were both to strip to our undies and have a Wedgie Wrestling match. It was so embarrassed because I was wearing my tighty-whities that were 1 size too small and my nuts were showing REAL well. Peter, as I said, was in boxers, so it was less embarrassing for him. We had to tighten belts around our waists so the wedgies would stay in place. I'll never forget how strong PT's arms are... This is how it went: as I've said before, Peter is about the same height as me, but stronger. Right off the bat, he gave me a melvin. Then he got me in piledriver position and was about to piledrive wedgie me when I got a good hold of the back of his waistband and yanked up. His undies were pretty stretchy, so I didn't have to worry about tearing them. We ended up apart again while we adjusted to our wedgies (we weren't allowed to unpick). Then, I got him into piledrive position but I didn't piledrive wedgie him, I just yanked and it stretched almost to his neck. He then lifted me off the ground and knocked me over. I was winded and lying on my back. He came over and melvined me. Then he turned me over on my back and yanked away. My undies wedged into my crack and were pulled tight. I struggled to my knees. He then grabbed the sides of my briefs and used my underwear to "help" me to my feet. I got a good hold of the sides of his boxers and pulled up, wedgieing both front and back. Then I melvined him, which stunned him so much that he fell on the ground. Then I flipped him onto his stomach and pulled up the back of his boxers. I grabbed both sides and wedgied around his arms. He was about to unpick when he remembered the rules, so he had to wrestle the rest of the time with his hands down his boxers. He still managed to force me to the ground. He pulled with all his might and got the undies to touch my head, almost going atomic. Then Joe stopped the match. It was a tie. They left both me and PT to unpick alone. While we were alone we said sorry to each other, because the only reason we wedgied each other so hard was so the others would lay off. Well, afterwards, I realized that now PT was also a victim. I was no longer alone! That was good cause now at least we could attempt to escape. So, we went downstairs where they were prepared. They made us take off our clothes and took our underwear and put them into a bucket of water, which they put in the freezer. They gave us towels to cover ourselves. After an hour, they told us it was ready. We both ran as fast as we could to the nearest washroom, but before we could lock the door Joe grabbed us and took us over to the freezer. He made us put on our underwear. We were taken outside with the bucket of ice. Since PT was wearing boxers, they didn't do this to him, but they scooped some ice into my briefs. Since my briefs were too small, the ice got crushed into my nuts and into my buttcrack. They gave us hanging wedgies with belts back on again. After 15 minutes they let us down, but wouldn't let us take of the belts or unpick the wedgies. They then all decided to go to sleep. They said that if either of us tried to unpick, they'd go atomic on us the next day. So neither of us unpicked. The thing is, they made us sleep on towels with no blankets. We barely got any sleep. However, the next day they did Freezing Atomic Wedgies on us anyway. Our underwear didn't rip: it broke. Then we went home after a peaceful lunch. Now I'm still the target for my buddies to wedgie, but at least now Peter gets wedgied with me so I'm not alone.

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