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Wedgie Stories
These stories were taken fromWorld Wide Wedgie

Story list.
A Good Wedgie Gone Bad By Andyman287
Amber's Wedgie By Jonascattle
An Unpickable Wedgie By Davidman99mj
Andy and Jon Wrestle (And I Win) By Jonascattle
Another Baby-Sitter Wedgie By AnonWedgie
Another Sleepover with Some Revenge By Lucus
Attached by Five Teenagers By WedgieDude
Belt Through the Door By Jonascattle
Camp Wedgie Story By WedgieMan
Campaign Wedgie By Jonascattle
Chad's Position By Dave6910_1999
College Wedgie Story By Markrucker
Counselor's Revenge By Goofy974
Counselor's Revenge, Part 2 By Goofy974
Country Club Wedgie By Seth
Cousin Wedgie By Jason in IL
Dockside Wedgie By The Fredge
First Wedgie By Seth
First Wedgie Story By Wedgie Pro
Freezing Wedgie By Wedgieking_2000
Friend's First Wedgie By AnonWedgie
Got My Brother By WedgieGiver
Happy Birthday Wedgie By Goofy
Hello Everyone By Wedgie1
Hockey players wedgie By Wedgie Pro
Humiliating Wedgie By Chris
I Was an Eyewitness to a Wedgie Crime!! By Mmmppff
Initiation By WedgieDude
Jennifer Gets An Atomic Wedgie From Me! By davidman99mj
Jim at Co-ed Party By Jonascattle
Joaquin By Wedgieking_2000
Josh Gets Wedgied by the Baby-Sitter By AnonWedgie
Karate Kid Wedgie, Parts 1 & 2 By Mr. Wedgie
Lacrosse Camp Wedgie By Seth
Little J's First Wedgie By Mr. Wedgie
Little T's First Wedgie By Mr. Wedgie
Little T's First Wedgie By Mr. Wedgie
Little T's Second Wedgie By Mr. Wedgie
Little T's Third Wedgie By Mr. Wedgie
Lunch Wedgies By Dave6910_1999
My Brother By Wedgie Pro
My First Wedgie By Lucus
My Wedgie Session with My Wedgie Buddy By Aprifa101
My Wedgie Story By AnonWedgie
One of the best Wedgies I have ever Gotten By Wedgie1
One on One with Heine By Goofy974
Only if it Happened!! By Wedgie-U-Like
Ooouuuuchhhh!! By Wedgie Pro
Parties, what fun......for the big guys By Lucus
Party Pocket Wedgie By Lucus
Ping-Pong By OW
Pool Wedgie War By Anon_06880
Rec Room Wedgie By Wedgieorama
SGA Wedgie By Goofy974
Short Stories By Atomic Wedgie
Sleepover Wedgie By Goofy974
Smelly Wedgie By Goofy974
Summer Camp Wedgie from Swim Counselor By Sir Wedgie
Swimming Class Wedgies By Not Available
Team Wedgie War By Goofy974
The Bachelor Party Wedgie By Danny Hill
The Game Bet By Infinawedgie
The Lap Sitters By Mr. Wedgie
The Never Ending Wedgie By Goofy974
The Stairs Parade By Jonascattle
The Start of the 8th Grade By Wedgied Too Much
Treehouse Slide Wedgie By Ryan Kelly
Wedge Key Throwing Pest By Mr. Wedgie
Wedgie Bet WedgieMan
Wedgie Exodus By Andyman287
Wedgie Experience - The Giver By Nnanji613
Wedgie Pro's First Wedgie By Wedgie Pro
Wedgie Straight Jacket: Day 1 By Lucus
Wedgie Straight Jacket: Day 2 By Lucus
Wedgie Straight Jacket: Day 3 By Lucus
WedgieBoy's First Wedgie By WedgieBoy
Wish I Saw the Whole Thing By Billy14b99

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