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Wedgie Stories
These stories were taken fromWorld Wide Wedgie

Swimming Class Wedgies
I'm 18 now and haven't had any wedgies since this experience and even though I was embarrassed at the time and didn't want anymore wedgies, now I wish I could have a lot more. Back when I was about ten or so, I went to the boys club for swim practice for the summer swim team. After the practice when we were changing, the older kids (I'd say about 13-14) came in to get ready for their class thing. Since no coaches, or whatever you'd call them, ever came in the locker room and there were about 9 younger kids in just their underwear, almost all the kids in the younger class got one wedgie. But for some reason, they thought I was a fun target and I got 6 wedgies. The first three were like the ones everyone got, one or two guys would just grab one of the kids trying to put his pants on and just yank a few times on their underwear. The 4th wedgie they did because I was bending over a bench to get my pants and one of them put my head between his legs and gave me a huge wedgie, then another one of the older kids whipped my butt with a wet towel. The next class I had just gotten my new Speedo and my mom made me wear it to see how it fit, everyone always wore their regular suits so, it was really embarrassing. Once again in the locker room, I was the target of their vicious wedgie, up until now they never got me then two classes in a row, but I guess the Speedo just painted a big red target on my butt. So, this time they grabbed me before I changed and wedgied me in the Speedo, for those of you who have never seen a wedgie in a Speedo, those things stretch a lot and never rip. About when it was up to my neck, one of the other kids had a great idea, why not hang me from a locker. So, they did. They lifted me up, got the Speedo over the top of my locker, looped it on some hooks on it, closed it and let go of me. I'd say I was about 2 feet off the ground. I was hanging for about 10 minutes and then I figured I had to get down since everyone else was gone and my dad would look for me soon so, I started swinging off the locker and bouncing around and finally I ripped down. I quickly changed and ran out, I told my Mom the Speedo didn't fit and just ordered a new one. The next week was the final class and after it, they had like a free-swim thing for half an hour. I figured I was wedgie free since they cut the pool in half, one side was the free swim and the other were the lanes for practice and the older kids were in the middle of their class. After all of these wedgies I had gotten the nickname "wedgie," which the people in my class liked to call me during practices so, even the girls new about me getting wedgies and a lot of them didn't understand it. This of course got back to the older guys. About 5 minutes to the end I got out to go to the bathroom and change a little early and apparently the older kids saw me and came after me, probably said he needed to go to the bathroom. While changing, he snuck up behind me and once again, my briefs were up my butt. This time though he went and got his bag then pushed me quickly across the small hall into the girl's locker room. I didn't mind at first since there were no girls, but then he made me get on the ground. He got out packing tape or something from his bag and taped one arm to the support of a bench, which were cemented into the floor, and taped the other arm to the bench parallel to it and did the same with my legs. I was face down, spread eagle with a wedgie. Then he taped my mouth, put a piece of paper on my back and ran out. Soon the free-swim was over and the girls started coming in, each one laughing and laughing. I think there were 7 girls in the class, one of them still didn't understand the concept of the wedgie. So, one of the girls decided to be nice and show her. She stood over me and wedgied me some more, then I think two more of them took turns yanking away. As they were leaving a few of them got the tape off and let me run away. The paper on my back said, "This is what a wedgie looks like." I changed and left, as I passed by some of the girls they all started laughing. Needless to say, that was the most humiliating thing, fortunately I never saw any of those people again, except I think I saw the first girl that gave me a wedgie at a swim meet, so, I just stayed in the corner most of the time.

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