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Wedgie Stories
These stories were taken fromWorld Wide Wedgie

Short Stories From WWW
Bar Wedgie By Ed I saw a great wedgie last weekend at a bar I went to with friends. the guy getting wedgied was incredible looking! I recognize him from 24hr fitness as a trainer! he had a very short shirt on that night and jeans and sat at a table with chairs that had a high back separated from the seat cushion so you could see this guys underwear while he was sitting! He had on blue Hanes briefs with the white waistband and you could see about four inches of blue material, even more when he leaned over the table to talk to his friends. well I guess I wasn't the only one who saw his underwear because his friend came up behind him and grabbed his underwear and pulled it through the opening of the chair so his briefs went behind the back part of his chair. he couldn't do anything but sit there and turn from side to side trying to get free from his friend wedgieing him because of the underwear being pulled behind his seatback. it was an awesome site and lasted about 30 seconds until his waistband tore from the rest of his briefs. . . what a hot sighting!
In Response to Ed By Seth It depends on what I'm doing, I wear boxers, boxer-briefs, and briefs. I usually only wear briefs during sports, and I wear boxer-briefs the most, basically all the time. I haven't gotten to many wedgies in briefs. The last one was maybe a year ago, Mike was the one gave it to me. All the boxer-briefs I have are pretty much from Fruit of the loom, but the briefs are from Tommy Hillfiger and Calvin Klein and companies like that. Lets see, I was with Mike, and we were playing basketball. I kept making threes, and he was getting really angry. So at one point while I was getting a drink at a water fountain, he came up behind me and lifted my shirt up. I immediately started to turn around, but my shorts were kind of low I guess, so he grabbed my underwear right away and started pulling into the air. With boxer briefs the fabric doesn't usually go that high, but because I was wearing briefs they went way up my back, cause Mike's pretty strong. After laughing and pulling for a few minutes I finally got away and was able to fix my underwear. He thought it was really funny that I was wearing briefs, and it was kind of embarrassing cause they were the Tommy Hillfiger ones that are black with the white waistband and fly and leg holes. When we were walking home later he even pantsed me on the bike path near my house and I'm pretty sure a bunch of girls that were walking on the street nearby saw me, but I really have no idea and it doesn't matter now, oh well. I can only think of two other times I was wedgied in briefs, once by another friend of mine at a soccer practice, and once by the captain of the lacrosse team at an away game. I'm not really sure how many people I've given wedgies to in briefs, cause I can't really tell unless I see the leg holes.
My first Wedgie By Wedgieman My first wedgie was at sleep-away camp. I had just come out of the shower and dried off. I put a pair of underwear on (white briefs) and was in the process of zipping up my jeans when about 4 or 5 guys ambushed me, grabbed my undies and started yanking. They pulled so hard in back that I though they would rip me a new crack in my ass! They kept pulling harder and harder and my balls were getting crushed! I undid my pants and dropped them and tried to take my underwear off to stop the assault, but to no avail. They were JC Penny briefs, as I recall, and the damn things wouldn't rip (which would have put me out of my misery). So finally, I just grabbed the waistband in front, ripped my own briefs, and was able to slide the briefs off, leaving my attackers with nothing but a waistband in their hands! I guess this pissed them off, because they pinned me down and spanked my ass until it was quite red! Ah, good old camp days!
I need some help on Hanging Wedgies By Devin I am a freshman at Truman High in Inglewood, and I tried out for the basketball team, and some how I must have ticked off the JV star shooting guard/school bully Vince Cooke. I think because I accidentally through a ball and hit him in the head, and his girlfriend thinks I'm cute-and said so in front of his face. So, after every practice in the locker I and a couple of other freshmen are given hanging wedgies. They hook our underwear to our lockers and tied our hands up with our shoelaces, and tape our mouths shut with this kind of athletic tape. I wear elastic boxers (they prevent wedgies while playing basketball) but they don't rip when I get hanging wedgies in them. The coaches stay and watch the girl's team practice so there's just us teens in the locker room. So, I usually hang there until, someone comes in and sees me hanging by my undies, with my hands tied and my mouth taped shut. Once one of the girls came in by mistake to the boy's locker room, just stared at me, and then sort of ran out surprised and scared. But, I usually get help from the coach who asks, "Who did this?" and I can't tell him because then I would get then I would get wedgied everyday at lunch by all the jocks. I can't keep letting the coach see me because then eventually he will find out and kick me off the team for lying. I usually say my older brother, he's a football player, and he picks me up from practice did it as a joke with his friend. The coach will find out Vince is doing it and then I will get humiliated in front of my girlfriend like everyday. Well practice is everyday and I don't think they will stop until the seasons over, I need to find out a way to make my athletic boxers to rip so I don't hang there for like 20 minutes, until coach Claiborne sees me. I can't switch to normal boxers will playing, because then I would be picking at a wedgie every 10 seconds, and that's not good when the cheerleaders see me do that.
Embarrassing Wedgies By Wedgieman Hey. . . how about we all share our most embarrassing wedgie experience? Ok, I'll start. . . . this was when I was a camper at sleep-away camp many years ago. . . I was wising off after lights out to the counselor. He said if I didn't knock it off that, I would "be sorry..." of course, that just made me wise off even more. Well, boy was I sorry. . . he came to my bed (I was laying on my stomach) lifted the covers and sat on my back. He grabbed my underwear (I always slept briefs) and crammed them so far up my ass that I saw stars! He kept yanking and I thought they would rip, but being JC Penny's, they just wouldn't rip. I thought it was over, but then he called the whole bunk over to see his handiwork. He then started spanking my ass and had everyone take turns spanking me and wedgieing me. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, all the friction and rubbing against the bed caused me to cum in my briefs! I was mortified, afraid the counselor would turn me over to try to give me a front wedgie and then everyone would notice what happened. Fortunately, my underwear finally ripped, everyone had their fun and laugh at my expense, and my ordeal was over! I didn't wise off too much more after that night! Fortunately, no one asked why I didn't get out of bed to put on a new pair of underwear after they ripped!
Swimming Pool Story By Wes The swimming pool story I pretty much know off by heart because he's told it so many frickin' times. In the locker room Regretful always waits till everyone's left before he strips completely (that bareass complex again). When everyone was gone, (he thought) he changed and then heard someone on the other end of the stall. He went around the corner and there was this "scrawny teenage kid who looked like Jimbo on The Simpsons." The kid was apparently leaning forward, fiddling with these swimgoggles, wearing tan briefs. Regretful lunged forward, yanked the briefs up, and the kid started screaming. Regretful then lifted him up by the briefs and hung him to the inside locker hook, warning the kid not to move or he'd kick his ass. (The kid still hadn't been able to see Regretful at this point. ) Regretful said "it was hilarious to see these pale cheeks hanging there off this little red piece of material. " While the kid continued to howl, Regretful thought he heard someone coming and bolted, taking the kids' jeans and swimpants and tossing them in the outside trash. He waited about 10 minutes and came back in the locker room with another group of people to find the kid on the floor, clutching his butt, the remains of his red briefs still hanging from the hook. Regretful then joined in the whole group of people all checking to see if the kid was okay and so on and pretending like he had nothing to do with it. The kid went home wearing baggy trackpants that the pool got out of the lost and found.
Logan High School Story By Wes The Logan high school story I don't know much about. All I know is he one by one got each of the basketball team alone, wrestled them into jocklocks, duct-taped their mouths, and then brought them, one by one, into the gym hall the period before assembly. When the assembly started, it was a Salute To Spring theme, and in the middle of the Head Girl's speech, this sound of "MMMMMMRPH"ing from behind the curtains was getting louder and louder. Finally, the curtains parted to reveal six-bareassed basketball team members jocklocked hanging from various flowers and trees, butts facing the audience, but slowly spinning around to show their panicked faces when they realized the whole school saw their predicament. It took about fifteen minutes for the janitor and their friends to get them down, but the laughing of the school went on forever. The part I never understood was why they didn't all just gang up on Logan afterwards and make him pay, but I guess he'd proven he was someone not to mess with.
Boy Scout Wedgie Mania By Matto Boy scouts are well known for their COOL wedgie style and wedgie ideas. Last year at summer camp it was my last camp. I just turned 18 so I am out of BOY scouts FINALLY! It was the best WEDGIE camp time ever. We had two smaller scouts who just joined so it is our tradition in Logan Ohio to give them the full treatment on there first camp. So as everyone knows, scouts are known for KNOTS and tying up games. Yes I might be bisexual but it is all in FUN and GAYMES. We tied up the new guys in all kind of knots. They were wearing there little white briefs, so STUPID in the first place. so, we tied them to the tree of WOE. Hands up over there heads to the tree branch and it was at night so all we had was the campfire and the scoutmaster, a real jerk, was asleep with another boy scout no less, well there the two guys were hanging in there briefs. We had a great supply of SHAVEING cream so down went their briefs and on went the CREAM. But the came an added TWIST. CHEESE WHIZ in the can ya know. Then we really YANKED there briefs up and up. We covered them totally in shaving cream from HEAD to TOE. and then swung them back and forth on the tree branch. It made for a great VIDEO. Yeap a great video. When we let them down, they went to the showers so we thought okay, let's dl one last WILD thing. So, off we all went sneaking around and finally we all got ready. We blasted through the shower room where they were trying to wash off all the cheese whiz. We got them down on the benches where you set to dress or undress and we duct taped them to the benches . We proceeded to use some BEN GAY to COOL them off. We rubbed it all over them and boy were they HOT!!!!! Needless to say, they stood in the shower for a long time after that. They are cool guys and they are now doing some of the same tricks to others as they had done to them. Scouting is just full of fun and GAYMES.
School Wedgie By WedgieKing2000 Yesterday, my school allowed us to wear our costumes. One kid was Superman. He had blue tights, red boots, a yellow belt and a red cape. The costume was all good expect for one thing, he was wear Adidas shorts instead of a Speed like supposedly Superman does. Well anyway, some people were talking to him about it and he said he was wearing Speedos under the shorts. After hearing this, the group got smart and grabbed him, pulled of the shorts and started wedgieing those Speedos up his buttcrack! Just imagine it, someone with blue tights on with a red Speedo disappearing up his butt!!! After a teacher broke the whole gang wedgie up he ran into the nearby bathroom and picked it out. Oh, how I wish I was him, hehehe.
Halloween Wedgie By Seth Last night I was out with my friend Dan, we were driving over to a party and we had to stop at Dan's house so he could get something. We parked in the driveway as his little brother was coming out with a bunch of friends. I was in the car but I saw Dan arguing with his little brother. His brother's friends kept walking but Dan was saying something about his costume. Dan's brother was the girl from the Blair Witch Project, so he had a jacket, a backpack, and a flashlight in his face (I thought it was a good idea). All of a sudden Dan pulled the backpack over his head and held it over him so that this big hiking pack was on his head and he was doubled over. I knew Dan was always beating up on his brother so I kinda figured what was next. Dan grabbed the waistband of his brother's underwear and pulled. The kid is in like 5th or 6th grade (I think), but he was wearing those little kids briefs with the red waistband and the cartoon things on them. Dan held him for like a minute before grabbing the leg holes and giving a big final tug. Luckily the poor kid's friends were across the street and only saw from a distance, or else he would have been pretty embarrassed.
Wedgie in Truck By Ed This happened a few months ago, a couple of friends and I were at an after-hours party over the weekend. We were sitting on the couch and Ben, a very sexy boy, bent over to get his beer off the coffee table and his shirt rode up showing his Hanes briefs. I noticed a small hole under the waistband of his briefs and pulled up a little making the hole bigger. Ben laughed it off since he was buzzed. A little good for me because I didn't feel like getting a wedgie at the party. After the party, we were walking to his truck and he took off his shirt. His underwear was still pulled up over his pants so I thought it would be easy to give him another wedgie but waited till we got into the truck. Ben has an extra cab so I sat behind his seat. Because he put his seatbelt on and was driving, I figured this to be the perfect time to give him that wedgie. I reached around his seat on both sides, grabbed the waistband of his underwear, and pulled as hard as I could ripping the waistband off completely. He couldn't do anything while he was driving, but tell me he was going to kick my butt. That didn't stop me from pulling his briefs up higher and grabbing the legholes tearing them on both sides. I was able to get a hold of the back of his briefs and a little of the sides again and pulled as hard as I could so that eventually his briefs came completely off him from the back. I made sure I got out of the truck before him, ran to the house and locked the door before he could get me back. He called the next day and said his balls were aching, "I'm going to pay for that one!!!"
My Dad Gives Me Wedgies All The Time By Chance My dad gives me wedgies all the time! and he's better at it than me! Last night me and him were in my kitchen and I was getting a water, well I thought he needed a wedgie . So I slid my hands down his pants grabbed his BVD's and let him have it. I got them pretty high and then he turned around and said you want a wedgie? I said nope, started to walk away and he lifted me off the ground by my pants then he put me back down , and I thought I had got off easy then he grabs my tightie-whities and pulls them all the way up and then my leg holes are exposed so he grabs them and he pulls me off the ground for about a minute I'm dangling in the air. then he quotes " bet you didn't know I could give a wedgie that good. and starts laughing. I decided to take revenge so I go to hug him goodnight and grab them again ...then he grabs mine. and we both pull. So then I remembered a technique when you tie the underwear through the loop holes of their pants ... that's what I did he couldn't get it out.
Wedgie In Front of my Dad By BritishWedgie This happened to me a couple of years ago. I was sat in my living room with my dad and my uncle (who was sat next to me). I got up and adjusted my trousers that were ridding up. My uncle got up and said "looks like you could do with a hand there." With that he put his right arm around the front of me and shoved his left hand down the back of my trousers and grabbed hold of my boxer-briefs. He yanked them up lifting me off the floor and bounced me up and down a couple of times. Finally dropping me to the floor and walking off the get a drink, I stood there unpicking it while my dad sat there and laughed "hey son how u hanging?" It was so embarrassing.
Ski Story By Seth This happened about a year ago, I was skiing with a friend of mine at Sugarbush in Vermont. I don't know if anyone's been there but it's a huge ski area and we had skipped school to go there. We were on Lincoln peak and had just gotten off the ski lift, we turned to go down the mountain and I went first, only to realize that my friend had gone down another trail. I skied down to the next trail junction, backed off to the side of the trail, and waited for him (the trail he went down was longer). So I'm watching people go off jumps and do turns and stuff and I hear my friend come to stop behind me and throw up a bunch of snow on me with the side of his skis (he knows I hate that cause I was telling him about it on the lift). I pretended not to notice though and just kept watching the jumpers. I said something like "where were you ?" and he goes "Right behind you" and he lifted my jacket up, reached into my snowboarding pants, and grabbed my underwear. He was sideways so he wouldn't move, but my skis were facing downhill and I was only holding myself back with the poles. I was so surprised that I pulled back and my skis slid forward. He let go with one hand and grabbed a tree next to him so I wouldn't pull him down, leaving all my weight in his hand holding my underwear. My black boxer-briefs went halfway up my back immediately and he held me for a few seconds before he couldn't hold me any longer and let go and I slid down a few yards before I could stop myself. I was wet, I had snow in my pants, I had lost my poles, a bunch of people had seen this and my underwear was still wedged up my ass while my friend laughed hysterically. When he first grabbed my underwear, I swear he actually lifted me and my skis into the air for a second. It was a short wedgie, but it took a while to get everything straight again.
A High School Memory By Wes Did Regretful really say I gave a lot of wedgies in high school and college? I don't remember giving many at all. There was once in high school that there was this one jerk who'd been pretty insulting to a friend of mine who was walking down the main stairs wearing black trackpants and, that day, the infamous "corner of underwear" poking out of the top. I could see it was red and blue. Temptation (and the desire for revenge) took over, and I snuck up behind him, and hoisted the pullover shirt over his head. Then I grabbed the underwear and pulled up. I realized as I yanked it up (and he dropped all his books with a howl), that the undies were Spider-Man underwear. In university, this would've been cool. In high school, it was considered totally embarrassing. So, naturally, my next move was dropping the trackpants so he was struggling around with his freckled butt wedgied by Spider Man, and his trackpants around his ankles. Sooooo many people saw him, and lemme tell you, he never picked on us again!
A College Memory By Wes In university, I had a dormmate (and good friend) who pulled every assprank in the book, including an ultimately TOTALLY embarrassing scene that happened in the university library where I ended up wedgied on a library cart, left in an elevator that stopped at every floor, with a sign on my back that said "CAN MY UNDIES GO HIGHER? GIVE IT A TRY!"... and people DID! The difference is that this guy was actually really nice, and took it as well as he gave it out.
A College Memory By Wes The first "real" wedgie that Regretful gave me... I'm trying to remember. When we were moving in, he poured wallpaper paste down my shorts and then told me that the water was turned off, so I walked around very uncomfortable for a few hours. But that wasn't a wedgie. Oh, wait, I do totally remember. We had invited these two girls over from some modeling thing he was doing. They were totally hot, and Regretful was really into impressing them. At some point in the evening, he told me he'd lost the remote under the couch. So, I bent over to get it, and the next thing I know, I'm being lifted off the ground by my briefs. After bouncing me around for their enjoyment, he tossed me down on the couch, sat on my back and just kept shoving popcorn down my jeans and wedgieing me every few minutes. Very very very humiliating.
A Hanging Wedgie in Public By David Miller Yesterday I was at the movies with my girlfriend and her jock brother Troy. Well I was taking a piss all in the batrhroom, nobody else was there. I was washing my hands when Troy came in and saw that we were the only people there so he decided to humiliate me(he is one of the jocks that wedgies me every day at lunch).So he grab me by the elastic strapped Joe Boxers and looked around for a second then he decided to give me a hanging wedgie like my brother about 4 times a week. he hung me on one of the coat hooks in a stall, and tied my hands up with my shoe laces. I hung there about 7 minutes or so until my boxers gave away. I bet someone saw me in that amount of time because I am kind of tall and I heard people whispering to each other. When I got back my girlfriend asked if had a wedgie and if I wanted her to pick it for me. I said yes of course and under the circumstances the wedgie helped me get to make out with one of the hottest girls in the 9th grade(she looks like Britney Spears).This really happened and for once I was glad I got a hanging wedgie.
Wedgie Brothers By Mr. Wedgie One time while I was lifeguarding, I saw this 13 year old giving his 9 year old brother a wedgie in the pool -- he kept hiking him up out of the water by his underwear. I was just enjoying the show, but after awhile the 9 year old started crying, so I told the 13 year old to get out of the pool and stand next to me. I put him in a headlock, then asked the 9 year old if I should give his big brother a good wedgie, and of course he yelled "Yes!" so I hiked the 13 year old's underwear nearly up to his shoulders, him yelling and hollering, the 9 year old and his friends laughing a pointing.... I *love* it when a kid gives me a good reason to give him a nice, big wedgie!!
Church Wedgie by Travis Last Sunday I was at church, I was wearing a suit and tie, and on the pants, I had suspenders instead of a belt. At sometime I had to go to the bathroom and there was 3 bigger guys in the bathroom and when I was done peeing, washing my hands, and drying my hands I noticed that one of the bigger guys was blocking the door. Then when I tried to walk to the door one guy held me. The other two took my shirt out of my pants and garbed the my blue Hanes briefs and pulled so hard I came off the ground. Then after they all wedgied me very hard the one guy took the part they had stretched out and tied it on my suspenders where the arm things begin. He then pulled even harder so that I got another hard pull on my underwear. After he had tied a knot I tried to pull to get it off but he tied it so that every time I pulled it just went further up my and when I looked in the mirror my legholes were showing. I couldn't get the knot out so I put my jacket on and went the rest of church with feeling like someone was still holding on to my underwear and when I sat down and pulled it felt like someone was still puling on them more. That's the most fun I've ever had at church!
My two Uncles by Travis This happened last summer while I was at my uncle's house because my parents were gonna be out till like 2:00am. My other uncle was there too and my aunt was gone. So were watching some old movie when my uncle asks me hand him the remote witch was on the floor across the room. So I get up and walk across the room and bend over to get it when I here footsteps and then I feel a hand going down the back of my pants. And then my uncle garbed the elastic on my white Hanes briefs and pulled as hard as he could, and he's a big guy, I'm mean really big. And then says to my other uncle, "Hey Larry, could you give me hand? " And then he comes over and starts helping and he's also big. Then my uncle asks me "Hey Travis, have ever had an atomic wedgie? " and I answer no. "Well your about to now! ", and using both there hands pull my underwear with all there might and rip my underwear and they attach it to a low coat rack and take turns farting on my face. I love my uncles!
I got my Uncle by Travis Yesterday I finally gave my uncle a wedgie! I was at my uncle's house with my dad. My aunt has moved out, and my mom and sister were at home cause my sister is sick. My uncle got up to put a movie in the VCR; the entertainment center had cabinets by the ground so he had to bend over. He bent over just enough to show off the elastic on his Hanes white briefs. So, I got up, walked over to him and grabbed the elastic and pulled! I got them to the middle of his back! Then I felt my dad reach into my pants and grab my white Hanes briefs and gave me a huge wedgie. Then my dad started bouncing me up and down, except I was still giving my uncle a wedgie so it just gave him a bigger wedgie. Then my uncle got free and helped my dad, they ripped my elastic when it got to the back of my head but they pulled the elastic over my head anyway.
It's a bird, its a plane, its a bad wedgie By Hanesman When I went to the gym today after my workout I went to the steam room like I usually do. While I was working out my underwear kept scaling up. After my workout, I went to the steam room wearing only my underwear and a tank top because the steam will soak everything. I sat down and my underwear began crawling up, then someone walked into to the steam room and saw my picking out my wedgie. He said "looks like your butt is eating your drawers. " I laughed and then he unexpectantly gave me a wedgie; then I said at least it wasn't an atomic as I was reaching back to dig my underwear out. He said "it is now", grabbed my now soaked underwear and began trying to pull them over my head when they ripped! I had to get my remains of my wet underwear out of my butt - when we left the steam room he said if he sees me in there again I'll get the same.
Awesome Wedgie by Dude I was at my friend Chris' house last Saturday and Chris as an older brother named Adam who gives Chris wedgies all the time for no reason. We were playing truth or dare, and since Chris is smaller than us if he doesn't do what me or Adam dare him do he gets a wedgie. Adam went first, he asked Chris truth or dare and Chris said dare. Adam told him to run outside butt naked screaming I'm gay, Adam always dares him to do stuff like that because anybody would say no, Chris said no, and Adam said okay. Then he jumped on Chris and pulled up his shirt, garbed his whitie tighties and pulled him off the bed. His legholes came out, then Adam picked him off the ground and tried to hang him on a coat hook but of course he didn't stay so Adam tried to pull Chris underwear over his head but like always it wouldn't go over his head. So Adam got a pair of nail clippers and used that little nail cleaner thing to cut a hole in his underwear and then he pulled the elastic over Chris' head. After that we decided to go play basketball.
Wooowwwwww by Wedgie-a-lot Just got one of the worst wedgies in the world yesterday. I'm 13 in 8th grade. I was in the boy's bathroom. A kid named Eric (whom threatened to beat me up just the day before) walked in with his two friends. Eric told me to stand there. Of course though, I didn't. I started to walk out the door when one of his friends grabbed the back of my underwear and started to pull. I turned around and punched him. Yes that's right, punched. He got up, as if I didn't do anything. Eric kicked me in the back and I fell. We all tried to get each other's underwear. Of course, 3 to 1 weren't good odds. I ended up losing. The left laughing. Nothing really hurt in that fight. But I still don't want to go to school tomorrow.
Bullies by dude At the beginning of the school year I was putting something in my locker when I saw this little sixth grader get picked on by this seventh grader. There were pushing him and stuff so I walked over to help him out. I walked over, yanked the one dude's shirt up, garbed his briefs and yanked them as high as they would go. Then he ran away unpicking it while everybody laughed at him. The sixth grader said thanks and I said no problem.
Wrestling by Travis I was at Todd's house last week and we were wrestling. When he had me in a headlock he garbed my Calvin Klein briefs and pulled them up my back. He got them to 3/4 up my back when I got free. Then I got a hold of his Hanes briefs and got them very high. Then he called his older brother who was upstairs, their mom and dad were out so they could do what ever they wanted to me. His brother who ill call Billy came down, I let go and tried to run but his brother got me and gave me a huge wedgie. He was bouncing me up and down, then my underwear wouldn't go any higher so he let go.
My Cousin by Tightie-Whitie Last year at my family reunion I brought my friend Jeff with me, we were in my cousin room with my cousin. The house where it was held two of my cousins lived there, one was nine and the other was 15. We were just hanging out when I asked my cousin if he knew what a wedgie was, he said no and I asked him if he wanted me to show him, he said okay. So I got up and asked him to turn around, then I lifted his shirt up a little and saw his tightie whities so I garbed them and yanked up. Then Jeff said "My turn" so he garbed Eric's underwear and pulled. Then we let go and Eric went running out. We sat down again, but then Eric went and told his older brother Nick. So Nick came in and shut the door, then he said "You want a wedgie? " and we turned around and told us his brother told him. So he jumped on Jeff, got a hold of his tightie whities, and yanked. After a minute of pulling he jumped on me, garbed my underwear and yanked. His brother is gonna pay for that the next time I see him. My first Wedgie By Tightie-Whitie I got my first wedgie when I was 8 years old, I was at my cousins and his dad was at work and his mom had to take his brother to the doctor so Nick was in charge. We just hung out and then he asked me if I knew what a wedgie was and I said no, so he said "would you like me to show you? " and I said "Okay." So, he asked me to turn around so I did and lifted my shirt up and garbed my tightie whities, and said this is a wedgie and pulled up. When they got to the middle of my back, he let go. Now everytime I go over to his house I always come back home with stretched out underwear.
Wedgie by Tough Guy I have given out dozens of wedgies but never received one. I give wedgies to my cousins, younger and smaller guys in school. Some guys just need their underwear pulled up their butts sometimes, this story happened just last week. I was at my friend's house and he has this little brother who can be so annoying, my friend John has given his brother wedgies, swirleys, even sometimes farts on his face to shut him up. This time his brother Tom wouldn't shut up he was following us all over the house, so John walked over and held him down. He asked me to hold him down for a minute, while I did that John got his brothers briefs and lifted them halfway up his back. John told me he was gonna get them over Toms head, we have tried a bunch of times on younger kids at school and his brother to get there underwear over there head but it never works, but we'll never stop trying. He got them to his neck and his underwear ripped so john pulled the elastic over his head. I'm gonna be posting more things we did to Tom.
Sleepover Wedgie by anonymous This wedgie happened while me and my friend had a sleepover. (We're 14) He was annoying me and kept yelling out just as I fell asleep. I was really tired. So, I leapt out of my bed and on top of him. I pulled off the cover, he was sleeping on his stomach. I sat on his. He slept in only T-shirt and briefs, so it was a perfect opportunity. So, I grabbed the back of his gray Kodiak briefs and yanked and yanked. I kept yanking hoping to teach him a lesson. Then, I grabbed both of his brief's legholes and yanked with all my strength. I did this a couple times but then he started groaning really loud. I didn't want him to wake my brothers up who were in the next room. (both 19) So I covered his mouth, rolled him over, and started giving him a huge Melvin. He kept groaning and pleading me to stop. So I did. He had learned his lesson and I didn't want brothers to come in, for fear of very painful wedgies and Melvins that would be given to me if I woke him up. My brother's will use any excuse to torture me. They love giving me wedgies. I've got a couple stories I'll share later. Anyway, I slept peacefully for the rest of the night.
Story WITH PICS TO PROVE by markymark Well, spring break kicked in and I was really bored. So was my brother. We were sitting in the TV room when he switched the channel. He was a little short tempered today so he got up and left. I laughed but 3 minutes later he comes back and drags me by my Joeboxers to his room. He has cleaned the whole floor and then he stripped me down to my boxers and wrapped the lower half of my body with saran wrap-TIGHT- then he gave me the mother of all wedgies, lifting me off the ground and then gave me a dangling thong wedgie. I was hurting so much and I barley moved. AND, I COULDNT PICK IT BECAUSE OF THE PLASTIC WRAP. So, my bro comes back with a camera takes a few pics with MY DIGITAL CAMERA. JOY WHAT I HAD TO ENDURE! ! BY THE WAY I HAD TO STAY LIKE THAT FOR 4 HOURS.
My First Wedgie by AnonWedgie I think I was about eight, and my brother was about 10. I was sitting in my room, reading a comic, when my brother came in. He came up behind me, reached through the bars of the chair I was sitting in, lifted up my shirt, grabbed my briefs and pulled towards him! Needless to say, I squirmed like crazy(I had never gotten a wedgie before) but my briefs were pulled through the chair, I couldn't escape. After what seemed like a while, my brother let go, said "this is a wedgie" and laughed at me while I tried to pick it. I found out later he'd seen one at school, and wanted to try it out on me.
Syrup Wedgie by Dude last summer I slept over at Chris' house with Kevin, nobody else could make it. when it was 12:00pm we were watching a movie and Adam came down, Adam is Chris' older brother. when Chris' went to the bathroom Adam told us his plan for a prank on Chris. the plan was that we would hold Chris while Adam poured syrup down his underwear and then give him a wedgie. so when Chris came back Adam hid and we said let's wrestle, so when we got Chris to the floor we held him there. then we said to Adam now! and Adam rushed out with the syrup. Chris tried to get up and when he did, he was just sort of bending over. Adam garbed his shorts and briefs and pulled them back, then poured syrup down Chris' undies and then gave Chris a huge wedgie. after about 1 minute, Adam let go and Chris ran to the bathroom. after like 5 minutes Chris came out and wearing a hand towel and went upstairs to change. that night when Chris was sleeping, we put his hand in warm water. we couldn't tell if he peed himself so we just poured the water on him. he woke up, was really mad, went upstairs and changed again. the end
Soccer by Dude this happened in fifth grade, Chris always played soccer on recess. he still loves to play soccer, I don't like soccer, I really only like basketball and wrestling, sometimes football. but since all my friends played soccer on recess I went with them cause, I didn't have anything else to do. one day I'm hangin out by the goal post when I see the elastic on Chris' tightie-whities showing cause the wind blew his shirt up. so I rush over, get a hold with both hands and pull. everybody was laughing and saying pull! After about another minute I let go and Chris got wedgied a lot that recess. not just by me but by other people too. By the end of recess he had been wedgied probably 10 times not counting, the one I gave him. I went over to his house latter and told Adam what happened and he gave Chris like three more wedgies. Kid loved wedgies! By Undie39 I had the strangest experience today with wedgies. It has been nice recently. So, my friends and me have been hanging out playing basketball. So, this younger brother of one of the guys starts mouthing off. His brother wedgies him. Pulls the kids boxer's way up out of his jean shorts. To our surprise, the kid goes that's no wedgie. The older brother does it again and again, and still the kid going is that all you got. Well in the end, we gave him the wedgie he wanted. All of us pulled his boxers almost over his head and stuck him by his boxers to the hoop. He hung there till they ripped. Fabric is still stuck up there.
Weight Room By Chico A few of my friends and I were at the weight room after school. We had already done most of the stuff we were supposed too, all we had left was benching and squatting (when you put a weight on your back and squat repeatedly). We went to where you do squats and I was first then my friend Mike then it was Matt's turn. The bar is on a rack with several hooks to rest the bar on at different heights. Matt just finished his squats when his boxers showed over his pants. Mike and me looked at each other; then we grabbed Matt's underwear with both hands. I left for a second and got a folding chair. I grabbed Matt's boxers and hiked to his upper back. Mike set up the chair and said, "Let's hang him." That's what we did. Then, we removed the chair. We nearly died laughing cause we always do this stuff to Matt since he's the smallest. We heard footsteps and saw the girls' track team come in. They stopped in their tracks laughing. Some even poked him. Then his boxers ripped and he ran to the bathroom. He never did come back to bench press.
Wrestling wedgie by Fourrunner 83705 Yesterday two of my friends started wrestling in our house, Jack was a wrestler in high school but that didn't seem to help him much because Ben was stronger. They are both athletic and good looking; otherwise, this wouldn't have been worth posting. Ben had Jack in a headlock. Jack's shirt came up exposing his Ralph Lauren briefs waistband over his pants. Ben took this opportunity to grab the waistband and he started pulling hard with one hand eventually letting Jack out of the hold, using both hands to pull his briefs to the middle of his back. Apparently, the briefs must have been an old pair because it only took seconds for the waistband to rip away from the rest of his underwear. Ben kept pulling until the waistband separated completely from the rest of his briefs and around jack's shoulders. What a hilarious sight. I was pissed that Jack didn't try to get Ben back, well, you know why!!!!
Wedgie Patrol By Undie39 I lived in a small town where the high school and junior high were the same building. Well some sadist had scheduled that the high school senior football team would use the locker room at the same time the junior high freshmen did. The team loved nothing more then to torment the little freshmen. Once they targeted a shy red head boy. He was waiting for his turn to shower in just his white briefs. A group of the jocks jumped him. They cared him around and around the locker room by just the waistband of his briefs. He only got away when the briefs ripped. The jocks laughed as he ran from them.
Kid asked for it. By Undie39 Speedos are hard to do a wedgie in, but are worth the try. I was at a practice swim meet with my school's team. Also, there was some little kid swim teams. Well, one boy, maybe ten or eleven, kept telling us we were doing this or that wrong. After a bit, the whole team got sick of it. Well someone started it. They came up behind the kid and wedgied him in his speedo. He pulled them out of his butt and said we even did wedgies wrong. After that, any chance we got at all, someone or groups from our swim team would wedgie that kid. By the end of the day his speedo was so, far up, he could not get it out and had to waddle around because of it.
G's Wedgie By Chico Here's another story that happened involving my brothers and one of their friends. I hated that kid more than I hated my brothers (who I've learned to deal with). He was spending the night and they tried to kick me out of my own bed. I'm on the football team and much bigger than either 11-year-old is. M did manage to kick D out of his bunk and I almost did something about it but I was sleepy. When I went to sleep I heard a lot of noise and woke up. M's friend (we'll call him G) just gave D a dangling wedgie! Now it was nothing if M did it but nobody but me picks on my brothers. I didn't like G anyway so; I got up and said, "Put him down." He said, "What if I don't?" I said, "You're going up. " He didn't listen and so, I grabbed his shorts then his Hanes and yanked good. Then I said "Are you going to leave my little brother alone?" He said yes but I didn't believe him so, I hung him on the post of the bunk beds and told M he'd be up there if he helped him. The underwear ripped in about 4 minutes. Then he slept on the floor and gave D his bed back.

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