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Wedgie Stories
These stories were taken fromWorld Wide Wedgie

Party Pocket Wedgie
This was the craziest wedgie I have ever received. OK, every time I go to my friend's house for a party, he gives me insane wedgies, just for fun, but they sometimes really hurt. This time, it was a sleepover, and you know what can happen at a sleepover. As soon as I got to his house, he made some crazy threats. I thought it was a joke but it wasn't. First, he wedgied me hard, hung my on a coat hanger and locked me in that closet. This was for about 15 minutes and I don't know why but I couldn't get down from this insane wedgie. Then, after that, he said, "That's enough for the night." But it wasn't. This is probably the reason why wedgies don't hurt me as much as they used to. He called this wedgie the "pocket wedgie." So, at night, I got changed by first taking my shirt off. At this point he whipped my tighty-whities way up from behind, about up to my shoulder. He got my other friends to do the sides and front all at the same time. The pair of shorts I was wearing on top of this had an elastic waist, so the undies would stay hiked up. Anyway, it was late, and we were all tired, but they didn't give up. Despite my struggles, I think the odds were against me (7 to 1) and they ended up winning. Since they wedgied me so hard, my legloops were showing and they made me put my arms not down my shorts, but through the legloops. Then, they tied my hands together at the back. Every time I tried to get out by pulling up, I just gave myself a wedgie. Then they tied my feet together and threw me in bed and duck taped my mouth. Everyone went to sleep and I was forced to sleep in this huge wedgie!! All night, I was cold, but I couldn't get my blanket back over me because I was all tied up. This was an insane wedgie, and that night I had a wedgie dream. The entire dream these guys were just wedgieing me. I wonder what inspired that dream... After that one Pocket Wedgie, they left me to wake up on my own in the morning. They took off the duct tape and the ropes and let me have my own privacy to unpick. That day, they said they would make it up to me so they let me play their video games alone. Meanwhile, I didn't know it, but they were planning my demise. While I was playing they snuck up from behind and wedgied me hard. Without any support except my underwear, they dragged my all the way up the stairs. Then, in the bedroom, they lifted my off the ground (well just my legs came off: my arms were there for some minimal support) and put the waistband of my stretched not-so-tighty-whities over the bedpost. They then did the pocket wedgie again but this time my hands were tied up underneath me, instead of at my back. My legs were dangling, my mouth taped again, and my hands providing no support for the wedgie that was killing my butt. I'll have some more wedgie stories from my friend's parties. By the way, they did let me go after that and let me be for the rest of the party.

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