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THE BODY SCIENCE deal came as a shock to me but I am really happy with it. It will give me a chance to REALLY get back into shape. I am only just back on the weights after a 5 month lay off, and I am really tentative, it’s all psychological but the last thing I want is to push the injury too much. I mean I am used to doing 200lb (90kg) Bar Bell Curls, my first Arm session back I did 50lbs (23kgs) so it’s a long way back! I felt the tendon twinge a bit but its mainly scar tissue just working its way around. I locked out on a Close Grip Bench Press and my elbow joint really felt the sting. Hasn’t been over extended for a while! But hey it’s like starting over again and with the help of Body Science I will get into the best shape I have ever been in. I would also like to thank Andy Raymond for hooking me up for the meeting with Greg and James. Thanks AJ!

MY WISHES go out to Thug Thomas & Steve O’Neal who are both back on the shelf due to injuries. Thug has retired, which is one of the biggest blows to Australian wrestling for along time I really hope he rests up for a few months and gets right and comes back part time. Aussie wrestling needs the Thug! I guess when you get dropped on your head in a very poorly executed cradle pile driver on the wooden stage, where your opponent has taken NO care of you in the move, then your head and neck are never going to be the same. Even worse when there was NO APOLOGY. I heard Steve has hurt his back again down in Adelaide, it’s a pity, and he seemed to enjoy himself at Super Show. But I have heard he is coming back again which is great, too good a talent to leave the game. Get better soon Mate!

I was very interested in reading Chucky’s interview on Pro Wrestling Oz. I mean was Chucky referring to out match at Super Show? I guess he was but 3 other guys have a difference of opinion of what went on in and out of the ring. Guess Chuck was somewhere else that night.

SO WHAT happened to the big she-bang of the return of UCW? Oh what happened here Perry? There are a lot of pissed off people around that you have not contacted mate. Only speaking to one the other day. Maybe you should have contacted people to let them know, its only fair. Just some advice not having a go at you, maybe an official statement should have been issued? Maybe it should still be.

How impressive did Don The Dragon Slayde’s entrance at Super Show look? Amazing! Fire breathing is not an easy thing, unless you are Gene Simmons of Kiss right? But Donnie has down to an art form now! The big fella also put on a great performance in the ring as well and is one of the most improved guys in the business and a really nice guy to go with it and thoroughly deserves the UWA Hard Core title.

Great to see the big bastard Iron Man Terry Rymer (Formerly Mandatory Sentence) back in the ring. He didn’t miss a beat after being out of the ring for around a year. He is one big strong bastard and is the only wrestler in Oz to bench press 500lbs! He also squats over 700 as well - Damn! Terry is an asset to the game, a big guy who is also a nice guy as well and has more talent than he realises!

THE FIRST UWA SHOW “Eliminating the Boundaries” was a great success. Biggest wrestling crowd for the St Mary’s Band Club, which was a great positive to start with! The show itself ran very smoothly and I think it was a refreshing surprise to most to have non-predictable matches, endings, and winners. This is the way UWA sees its future. Great performances by Crude (TJ & Troy), Jass, Dean, Jason and the rest of the boys. Thanks to Fuel for his stepping up to the plate and filling in for Pete Volante. The atmosphere back stage was great and the whole set up looked fantastic! Scotty Scarecrow and Donnie worked tirelessly on the backdrop and set, which looked great well done guys. Thanks To Kirk and Mark W for all the dedicated and hard work behind the scenes, without them this show would never have happened and Mark those suits are superb can’t wait to see the next colour! Thanks to Lisa and the girls for bringing a new and important element to the show its what we really need and despite what some have said I though the spot looked great and went down well! And to Stumpy at Rock Solid Fitness that ring is a pleasure to work in my friend and to AJ thanks for your administration help buddy, you are always keen to help the sport.

So PCW think they are rid of the UWA do they? Well all I gotta say is watch your back PCW its not over yet by a long shot!

I HAVE been lucky to have seen some of the NWA / TNA product and damn I am impressed! Its always great to watch guys like Jerry Lynn (Would have been great to see him here for WWA), Red, AJ Styles and others. I have been really impressed with Jeff Jarrett, he has really been in top form lately. I think there is a future, a strong future. But with Austin back in the WWE look for them to really pick up.

I just want to say a quick hello to my brothers in Metal Chris Jericho and Jerry Lynn. Keep it loud guys.

Until next time.