Super Saiyan Elite 3
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News & Updates

09.02.01- Saiyan Girl -ARRG!

- Hello, well the layout I made was pretty cool, but I needed a different button size and that didn't work out so well, anyway I think its more important to have lots of information, pics, rather than a new layout. That's all.

08.25.01- Saiyan Girl -Layout!

- Hello, I'm working on a new layout! I think I'll be done by this weekend by I'm not sure. That's all.

08.24.01- Saiyan Girl -Awards!

- Hello, I got the pictures for the awards to look right so you should check it out to see if you can win. That's all.

08.23.01- Saiyan Girl -Awards!

- Hello, I just finished on the awards page but the pictures are not showing up right so I'm going to fix that asap please vote for me in the dragonball top 50 and king working Thank you! That's all.

08.17.01- Saiyan Girl -Topsite List trouble!

- Hello, I've been trying to figure out how to put my topsite list banner on the top, but there is not place to. So, I really need some help if you know how to put a banner at the top of the page, please e-mail me!The dragonball top 50 and king working on the is Thank you! That's all.

08.13.01- Saiyan Girl -A Whole Bunch Of News!

- Hello, well school is starting in two days for me! And I really don't want to go back! Anyway, I had to drop on of my elite affiliates because he never put up my button, so good news one spot left in the elite affiliates! I hope to get the sse3 top 50 up tomorrow. And one more thing I'm thinking of changing the site name just to Super Saiyan Elite but, I not for sure, I'll probably put up a poll and see what you all think, but if you can't wait just e-mail me. That's all.

08.11.01- Saiyan Girl -Top Site Button!

- Hello, I'm making a top site list today ,and I need a button because, I can't make good buttons. It just has to say SSE3 50 or SSE3 top 50 I don't really care what it looks like, just not animated. Thank you! That's all.

08.09.01- Saiyan Girl -Elite Affiliate full!

- Hello, all the spots on the elite affiliates has been filled up there are 2 more spots in the top affliiate. You can get in the elite affiliates if your site is really good then I might add you.That's all.

08.07.01- Saiyan Girl -Network!!!

- Hello, I just got finished making all the rules and everything for sse3 network!!! I would highly sugest that you just look at the requirements, and why you get more hits with sse3 networks. That's all.

08.07.01- Saiyan Girl -Top Affiliates & Network!

- Hello, I just got a two new top affiliate Majin Madness, and Anime Goku these two sites has a lot of information, and a whole lot of other stuff too, it would recommend you to visit both sites! Also, since I can't find a network to join I think I'm going to make one myself! So thats what I'm going to be working on today. That's all.

08.05.01- Saiyan Girl -Network!

- Hello, I'm trying to find a nice network to join but I just can't find one. So, if you are apart of a really good network or owns one please e-mail me. Thank you. That's all.

08.05.01- Saiyan Girl -Rumors!

- Hello, I change the look on the affiliates, to have more room. I need some more rumors for my rumor page, if you hear a rumor and don't know if its true just e-mail me. And I think I'm going to upload dragonballgt esp 2 now. That's all.

08.04.01- Saiyan Girl -Sections!

- Hello, I have been adding a lot of new sections, like info about CC, soundtracks and some other stuff. Also, I had to drop one of my top affiliates, because he never updates. But, I got a new affiliate Saiyan Planet That's all.

08.03.01- Saiyan Girl -More Affiliates!

- Hello, I have affiliated with two more sites, Anime Services, and Wrath of a Saiyan. That's all.

08.01.01- Saiyan Girl -More Info!

- Hello, I just finished putting up two new sections, senzu beans, and wishes and right now I'm working on birthdates. I also got a web address but I don't like to use it because it has a pop-up on it. Please vote for me in King Nothing 100, and DBZ top 50. Thank You! That's all.