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Pyschological Profiles:



Vegeta at his best:

Direct, Authorative, Loyal, Energetic, Protective, and Self-confident
Vegeta at his worst: Controlling, Rebellious, Insensitive, Domineering, Self-centered, Skeptical, and Aggressive

Core Motivation: The need to be self-reliant and strong and to avoid feeling weak or dependent
Basic Fear: Of submitting to others

Basic Virtues: Magnanimity When Vegeta transcends his self-interest, he takes the needs of others into equal consideration His magnanimity is seen in his self-restraint, forbearance, mercy, benevolence, and protection of others (If you don't believe me, just watch the Buu Saga!!)
Childhood: From a spiritual perspective, Vegeta saw how the truth could be distorted and innocence betrayed He found that innocence was seen as a weakness, that the strong dominated the weak, and the good things in life went to those who took control
Vegeta & Kakkorrot: A promising energy match Both like to play hard, self-motivated, and are relatively guilt free They account to themselves rather than to other people, and both dislike the word "should" Independence is a mutual must Both view themselves as free agents and an unspoken agreement has emerged, in which each has the time and space to follow personal interests without offending the other Both look to themselves for support rather than someone else, and both withdraw for self-repair when feelings are hurt Vegeta likes to try and take control when he feels threatened, but Goku is pretty hard to pin down Each assumes the accuracy of their perceptions, and both are more aware of what they want than of their impact on other people

How to get along with Vegeta: -Stand up for yourself… and him
-Be confident, strong, and direct
-Do NOT gossip about Vegeta or betray his trust
-Give him space to be alone
-Acknowledge any contributions he makes, but don't flatter him
-Don't automatically assume his assertive manner of speaking to be a personal attack -When he screams, curses, ect… Remember that's just the way he is
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Bulma at her best: Analytical, Perservering, Sensative, Wise, Objective, Perceptive, and Self-contained

Bulma at her worst: Intellectually Arrogant, Stingy, Stubborn, Distant, Critical of Others, Negative

Core Motivation:

The need to know and understand everything, to be self-sufficient, and to avoid looking foolish

Basic Fear Of being threatened or overwhelmed by another

Childhood She ambivalently identified with both parents, though she feels uncertain of people and has learned to defend herself and her security by being aware of potential threats from others Stinginess toward oneself and others can guarantee some degree of treasured independence
How to get along with her: -Be independent, not clingy
-Speak in a straightforward and brief manner
-She needs time alone to process her thoughts and feelings
-If she seems aloof, distant, or arrogant, it may be that she is feeling uncomfortable
-Make her feel welcome, but not too intensely, or she might doubt your sincerity
-She may become irritated if you make her repeat herself: It takes enough time and effort to make her thoughts known, nevermind having to take time out to repeat herself
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At his best: Loyal, Likeable, Caring, Warm, Compassionate, Witty, Practical, Helpful, and Responsible
At his worst: -Hypervigilant, Controlling, Unpredictable, Judgemental, Paranoid, Defensive, Rigid, Self-defeating, Testy
-He'll either withdraw or put on a tough act when threatened
Core Motivation: The need for security
Basic Fear: Being abandoned and alone
Basic Virtue: Courage Though he may get knocked down, Trunks is a true fighter and will always get back up and try again
Childhood: Positively identifies with his father, Vegeta. Trunks looks to his father for security, approval, and rewards for obediance However, his self-esteem requires that he must also act independently, and to resist being completely obedient, which is a source of ambivalence
Trunks & Goten: Goten's attraction to pleasure provides an antidote to Trunks' self-doubt Likewise, Trunks is loyal during times of trouble and can be healing to Goten, who is terrified of emotional pain Both are likely to change their minds on short notice Trunks has doubt and Goten gets distracted by ideas Each will expect the other to stay focused, but follow-through can be an ongoing problem
How to get along with Trunks: -Be direct and clear
-Listen to him carefully
-Do not judge him for his anxiety
-Work things through with him
-Reassure him that things are okay between you two
-Laugh and make jokes with him
-Gently push him towards new experiences
-Try not to react to his overreacting
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Goku at his best: Fun-loving, Spontaneous, Imaginative, Productive, Enthusiastic, Quick, Confident, Charming, Curious

Goku at his worst: Impulsive, Unfocused, Rebellious, Undisciplined, Possessive, Restless
Core Motivation: To be happy, contribute to the world, and avoid suffering and pain
Basic Fear: Of being deprived
Basic Temptation: To be acquisitive He is tempted to think that he will be happier if he has more of everything that pleases him, (whether it is more food at meal time or an experience) However, as he attempts to acquire more, he only increases the strength of his appetites without really satisfying them
Basic Virtues: Gratitude Life is a gift, full of wonders, and he realises that he has more than his fair share of blessings and is grateful for them Anything and everything, if used rightly, can fill him with joy
Childhood: He never had a mother figure: the key element of his early development revolves around a fear of being deprived It may have been more fear than actual, yet determination never to feel insecure or in need became a major force in his development
Goku and the Gang: Goku softens his survival fears through forming a chosen family-the Z-senshi--who appreciate the same possiblities, friends who share the same dream He feels comforted by having his own beliefs reflected back by people who share the same values and sense of pleasure They are not a family of birth; they are a trusted few that can be counted on to bring their piece of a perfect future into fruition They are defenders of the dream They have been brought together through their common friendship with Goku, who is attracted to them because of their place in a collective possibility
How to get along with Goku: -Give him companionship, affection, and freedom
-Engage him with stimulating conversation and laughter
-Appreciate his grand visions and listen to his stories
-Don't try to change his style Accept him the way he is
-Be responsible for yourself He dislikes needy or clingy people
-Don't tell him what to do
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Chi Chi
At her best: Loving, Caring, Adaptable, Insightful, Generous, Enthusiastic, Tuned Into How People Feel
At her worst: Martyrlike, Indirect, Manipulative, Possesive, Hysterical, Overly Accommodating, Overly Demonstrative
Basic Fear: Of being unloved and unwanted for herself alone
Basic Temptation: To think that she is always well intentioned She often thinks herself well meaning and always completely loving toward others, totally without any ulterior motives or emotional needs of their own She does not acknowledge her own needs or that she tends to use others to fulfull them (Ex. Gohan's education)
Core Motivation: To be loved and valued and express her positive feelings towards others
She wants to help express her feelings for others, to help people, to be appreciated for what she does, be an important influence on others, to control people, and to justify the demands she makes on others
Childhood: Ambivalently identified with her father, her mother died when she was young The key element in her development was that she learned to play the role of "little mommy" and serving her father, winning his love and praise
How to get along with her:

-Tell her that you appreciate her
-Be specific

-Share fun times with her
-Take an interest in her problems, though she will try to focus on yours
-Let her know that she is important and special to you
-Be gentle if you decide to critize her
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Gohan at his best: Warm, Compassionate, Introspective, Expressive, Creative, Intuitive, Supportive, Refined

Gohan at his worst:

Depressed, Self-conscious, Guilt-ridden, Moralistic, Withdrawn, Stubborn, Moody, Self-absorbed
Core Motivation: The need to experience their feelings and to be understood, to search for the meaning of life, and to avoid being ordinary
Basic Fear: Of being defective or inadequate in some way
Basic Temptation: To overuse his imagination in the search for self
Basic Virtue: Emotional Balanced, he realizes that he is able to cope with life, that he does not have to feel so vulnerable and "storm-tossed" by every feeling Even negative experiences can be made into something positive, and he finds peace in knowing that he is able to transform everything into something worthwhile and valuable
Childhood: Believe it or not, Gohan in some ways negatively identified with both his parents, feeling abandoned or misunderstood by them in some way (? Perhaps part of this is to do with the 6 months he spent alone in the wilderness?) Because of his lack of role models, he was forced to create his own identity by looking inward to his feelings and imagination
How to get along with him: -Give him plenty of compliments. They mean a lot to him
-Be a supportive friend or partner Help him to love and value himself
-Respect him for his special gifts of intuition and vision
-Though he doesn't always want to be cheered up when he's feeling melancholy, he sometimes likes to have someone lighten him up a little
-Don't tell him he's too sensitive or that he's overreacting
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At his best: Lighthearted, generous, outgoing, caring, and fun
At his worst: Narcissistic, Opinionated, Defensive, and Distracted
He's often ambivalent about being tied down to a relationship
World View: Views the world as full of opportunity and options He looks forward to the future
Goten's Childhood: -He's action orientated and adventuresome
-He often drums up excitement
-He prefers being with other children than being alone
-He dreams of the freedom he'll have when he grows up
Things Goten Would Never Dream of Doing: -Making to-do lists for the week and following them exactly
-Telling stories without exaggerating
-Spending six months at a Zen center in silent meditation
-Volunteering to work on the grief hotline
-Spending 12 hours listening to a friend unload her problems and talk about herself
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At his best: Ethical, Reliable, Productive, Wise, Idealistic, Fair, Honest, Orderly, Self-disciplined
At his worst: Judgemental, inflexible, dogmatic, Obsessive-compulsive, Critical of Others, Overly Serious, Controlling, Anxious, Jealous
Core Motivation: The need to live his life the right way, including improving himself and the world around him
Basic Fear: Of being condemned

Basic Desire: To be right
Piccolo's Childhood: Piccolo negatively identified with his father(Piccolo Daemo). He grew up with stern moral prohibitions placed on him These prohibitions, religious and moral laws and ethical ideals, were internalized in a superego that is quick to make him feel guilty if he does not comply Much of his energy is spent trying to avoid being guilty or in dealing with guilt, undoing his mistakes, or in making retribution for them
Gohan's Aid: The relationship between Gohan and Piccolo has deep understanding Each sees a version of himself in the other Gohan often acts out of "improper" emotions that frighten Piccolo Gohan often moves through shame, depression, envy, competition, and despair on the way to joy and creativity Piccolo often recoils from seeing his own shadows in action, but this cannot be avoided because Gohan often dramatizes the emotional needs that he has suppressed This relationship has introduced Piccolo to a life of feelings rather than a life determined by right-or-wrong thinking
How to get along with Piccolo: -Take your share of responsibility so he doesn't end up with all the work
-Acknowledge his achievements
-He's hard on himself Reassure him that he's fine the way he is
-Tell him that you value his advice
-Be fair and considerate
-Apologize if you have been unthoughtful It will help him to forgive
-Encourage him to lighten up when he's uptight, but hear his worries first
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