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August News


August 4th

Excellent!! The Picture Galleries are finally completed. I have ended up with 10 galleries, but count on me getting more over time. Also, to my disappointment I have realized that I cannot post my Dragonball roms or emulator section, or movie clips section. I am checking out the sound files but it is not looking to good, in place of these are a Toy section and a Character Techniques section. So far updates are going very well and am planning on keeping this pace.

August 9th

Thats right more updates!!. I have completed the Winamp section of the site and it is ok to start downloading them. If their are any really cool skins anyone has, please send them to me because i could use alot more. Also i still need to see some fan art.. please send them!!

August 10th

Good New at last!!! I found out i can have sound waves on the site... so i took advatage of it and made the section complete. I just finished putting all the sound waves i can on. So with that said ENJOY!!!


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