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Late one night I was waiting to watch a good long episode of Mad TV. I was just going back and forth through the channels when I came accross YTV, there was a cartoon of which I have never seen before. I just started to watch it since I had nothing else better to do. I was watching a little boy (Goku) beat the hell out an older guy (Yamcha). I thought this was crazy, the fighting was so cool and after the fight the storyline was pretty cool. This was the original Dragon Ball by the way. After the episode ending. I wanted to see the next one, for some reason I was already hooked. I watched episodes 1 to 13 about 100 times, over and over again. This was because they wouldn't show any new eps, but I still watched and never missed one of those old eps.

I was all happy about this great show Dragon Ball, one day I went to a near by mall and in the electronics store there was a video. I recognized the word Dragon Ball for the title, but what shocked me was the letter Z next to it. I looked at the cover, and I knew it was a grown up Goku and I knew I had to buy it. It was the first 4 episodes of Dragon Ball Z. I was stunned at the action. and that was only the first 4 eps, when they showed previews for the next episodes. I was almost crying out with joy. I had to get those episodes.

Months went by and I kept going to that electronics store, they had nothing new. I then finally got the internet (High Speed) and went to a dbzstore site. I bought the next couple of episodes, and it was amazing to watch. After awhile it became an addiction that I had to by these videos. After a long time I had a big collection. Since I had the internet. I decided to make my own Dragon Ball Web Site. The thing was I had no idea how to make a site. Eventually I got an easy program and began building my first ever Dragon Ball Site. It was called Mike's Dragon Ball Web Site. Very basic site all it had was some pics, info, movie clips and sounds. I think I was its only visitor. After that I knew If I wanted my site to get noticed I would have to make it better, that included a new name. I was going over many names in my head, but couldn't find the right one. I wanted something no one else had at the time. The name Vortex just poped into my head. It was Dragon Ball Vortex and to me at the time sounded sweat. I went with that and created the Dragon Ball Vortex.

There were more sounds more pics more info and even more video clips. It even had background sound. I was only getting a couple of hits a day. After about a year with that site I knew it wasn't going any where. I knew I needed to make something even better, but I also knew the name was just right. I created the Dragon Ball Vortex Version 2. Very high in graphics with more stuff than I ever had before. I got double the hits. One day my brother gave me an idea which changed the Vortex forever. My brother had recently purchased a video capture card. I asked my brother if it was possible to capture my dbz episodes and store them on the computer. He of course said yes. Then I asked If some how we could get them on my site for download. He said yes, and so we did so. Thanks to the old xoom sharehouse we got the episodes up on the internet for the first time. I had eps 54-60 up. I thought I was gonna get so many hits. In fact I did, but not as many as I thought.

I knew I had to market the site better putting up topsites and affiliates. Slowly, but surely hits started to rise into the hundreds. Many times sharehouse took our eps down, but we always found a way to get them back up. At school someone was having trouble downloading my eps, his name was Adam Carra. So we talked about it I started to send him the eps through ICQ. He was very happy about getting new eps before anyone else. We always used to talk about Dragon Ball in school and in class. I knew I had to make another layout that would really get people to come to my site. So I made one that stayed for a long time. I had about 100 eps on that site and hits were coming in left and right. I was now getting thousands a day.

Then some bad news came and the sharehouse closed down. I had no place for the eps. It really didnt seem to bother people as much as I thought, because they were still coming to my site. I then decided to make another layout, one that was a little neater. The eps still didnt work, but my hits were still getting higher.

After a great run for the Dragon Ball Vortex, I was ready to call it quits. Adam Carra then steped in and told me that he would do a new layout and maintain the site. I said sure why not. He made the the previous layout. All of a sudden hits went up incredibly. I got up to 30 000 daily and I was just amazed. I told him he had really good marketing skills to get my site so high up. After awhile he got sick of all these people asking stupid questions. He didnt put that much effort into making the site anymore. I didnt blame him. But I also didnt wanna see the Vortex go down. So I made a new layout. Its the one you see before you today. The eps may work or they may not, but the Vortex lives on. Thats the legacy of the Vortex if you can call it a legacy. But it has played a big part in my life. The legacy will live on..

By: Michael Calaminici

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