Yama Neko

Yama Neko is an anime script I wrote back in 1997. I have no idea what inspired me to write it I guess I was sick of seeing male super heroes dominate the comic books and tv screens so I created Yama Neko with the thought of 'why not two female super heroes'...

The Yama Neko translated is Japanese for Tiger Cat. It has no true meaning in the script it's just a name that I thought sounded pretty nifty. Yama neko I was writing to make a mockery of the anime shows the ones where the super hero's are given powers beyond them.

When I started out with Yama Neko I had drawn 2 pictures of the characters to accompany the script. One of Cora Davis and the other of her Sensei Un Zaseki (translated it means Destiny's Seat).

this page is dedicated to this anime I started to write and every so often I will either put up a part of the script or a picture of a character... until then this is basically a blank rambling page...

The characters:

Cora Davis
Vashti Jones
Dante Sandro
Romeo Shatford
Hiro Sento
Un Zaseki
Kester Tsubio

I have split the story up in to seven parts with a typical introduction... and a translation of the script jargon. When I get more time they will be located below.

technical jargon, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.