The Goku & Piccolo ramble page

Now I bet your wondering why I chose to splice Piccolo and Goku together for info.
Well basically it’s because they’re kinda linked in the way I’m explaining this.


Well I haven’t actually seen the original Dragonball series (it starts on satan er saturn this weekend) so I’m not sure how Goku comes in to it but according to the Dragonball Z movie Bardock- the father of Goku. Goku, the Dragonball/Z/GT hero had a low power level and being the son of a lower class saiyan he was sent off to Earth. Now he was found by Gohan, who adopted the young guy by now he was orphaned. Bardock and the rest of the saiyans on Planet Vegeta dead. Now how on earth Nappa and Raditz survived is beyond me, my guess they were like Vegeta off on assignment. (I wonder how many other saiyans are out there).

Goku (so I was told) actually killed Gohan unknowingly with his Oozaru form. There are alot of stories I’ve heard from this but I’m one of those don’t trust what ya hear until you see people... On his journey’s Goku meet Bulma, who I heard hit him with her car. Then there was the collecting Dragonballs thing where Goku meet the future Z team. Krillen who started off as his rival under Master Roshi’s training became his best friend. Yamcha who attacked Goku and kicked his butt only to get it kicked in return, who knows who would of won at this stage if Yamcha hadn’t seen Bulma and run away. *sweatdrops* (what type of guy does that these days??) Oh well. so Goku and Krillen can be trained they are told to collect a girl for Master Roshi (the sexist pig- no Oolong pun intended.) They come across Launch (Lunch) in her calmer form and take her to Master Roshi (I’m told she’s Tien’s girlfriend) Well actually her other half (so I was told again) was actually some sort of bank robber and a psychopath.

Then on a mission while collecting the dragonballs Krillen and Goku (I saw an add for this movie) come across Chaoitsu and Tien his main guard. Then there was the whole King Piccolo, Kami, Piccolo thing there are so many various stories about the birth of Piccolo that I’m just to confused to mention it. But I know he did come from an egg from the mouth of King Piccolo. So enter Piccolo...


Piccolo starts off like almost everybody Goku comes across as his enemy then to his friend. In the Dragonball Z series I think it started with Goku and Piccolo as a match of powers. They then fought together against Goku’s evil brother Raditz (I guess he was pretty much a bad egg of the family huh... see Bardock info to understand). Well theirs powers together were enough to finish Raditz off, by that special beam cannon move, (man I want a power like that!), But when Goku sacrificed his life Piccolo then took it upon himself to train Gohan, who moments earlier against Raditz had showed the signs of being a fighter. The little wimp was then trained by Piccolo himself.
During that time Piccolo softened up and found a friend in the little guy (insert aaaawwwww’s here). So they trained for a yearish for the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa. This is where Piccolo sacrificed his life for Gohan. In which I believe he was truly classed as the good guy.

More ramble pages to come later and posibly soon to be shifted on to a page of their own since I'm getting quiet a few of them up.