Bardock & Trunks Ramble

Now these little info bit were joined together because these are the only two Dragonball Z movies I’ve seen and if you haven’t seen either, well this tells the story of them. So if you want to keep away from spoilers don’t read.


(this is taken from the Bardock - Son of Goku movie)

First and for most before I start this ramble on Bardock I’m letting you know that despite what Vegeta said (about Bardock) being a top scientist of the planet Vegeta was wrong. In the movie he was just a low class saiyan fighter. Who loved to fight and could remember every battle he’d ever been in.

Now Bardock in the movie starts off as the leader of a small crew of Saiyans, Tora, Fascha, Portos and one more (I can’t remember his name) They start on the planet Kanasa (sp??) A planet that Frieza wants taken over for it’s psychic powers. What happens is that when the band of five saiyans go Oozaru they pretty much waste everything. But the next day the missed one and he confronts them in the process he gives Bardock psychic abilities so he can see their end (as in the saiyans and planet Vegeta) much like they had. But getting this ability knocks him out. So they return to Vegeta so Bardock can recover. Frieza has noticed Bardock and his little band of low class saiyans (Kanasa was apparently a hard planet to take over) so Frieza sends them on assignment to the planet Meat (??) But Bardock is still recovering. In recovering he’s shown an image of Planet Vegeta exploding along with an image of Tora dying (or dead) then along comes numerous Dragonball images as in Goku, Bulma, Master Roshi, Krillen, Mr Popo, and King Piccolo (no Yamcha damnit!!!). then Bardock is snapped out of it, by the medical team. Ironically enough the visions were triggered by baby Goku’s crying (note: in GT Pan’s crying triggers Goku to transform in to SS4).

Now Bardock know by now that Goku’s different or he feels he is while having the visions, Bardock then heads off to Planet Meat. He is triggered again by Goku’s crying and he stops by the maternity ward to see Goku sitting there bawling (as babies do) and boy does Goku cry!! Bardock sees Goku has been named “Kakarott” (it looks like the medical team names the saiyan babies). So Bardock head off to Meat after being disappointed in Goku’s “Average” power level.

Upon arrival of the planet Bardock sees that infact it was an ambush by Frieza as Tora informs him while dying. Tora mentions that Frieza’s elite ambushed them because Freiza was afraid of Bardock. Tora then dies and Bardock is not a happy man when the Elite show up. So enters the catchy music and fight scene... Bardock does really really really well that is until Dodoria shows up and he gets blasted with lazer breath (yuck!). Dodoria heads back to Frieza thinking Bardock is dead. But infact Bardock is still alive- Just. He gets in his pod and heads back to Planet Vegeta. But along the way his pod crosses paths with Goku (who is being sent to earth). Bardock arrives on planet Vegeta with the realisation hat Frieza is coming to blow it up so he goes to warn his fellow saiyans but they pretty much think he’s a nutbar and so Bardock heads off alone to confront Frieza.

Along the way he has another series of visions, one is of Namek where he see’s Goku all grown up standing with his back to him (this is my favorite vision) Goku looks over at him and says something like “You know who I am don’t you Bardock?” Bardock then says he does and that he’s his son. and Goku does his little thing. “it’s not to late to change.” to be better than Frieza. Then Frieza comes in to the vision at the point of blasting Planet Vegeta. Bardock sees his own end in this vision and he gets up and goes to confront Frieza (he wants to live) But as he’s blasting towards the sky Frieza’s men all come at him from Frieza’s ship and they pile on top of Bardock (this scene reminds me of Goku’s strength) and eventually Bardock reaches close to Frieza’s ship (now here comes the part from the Namek series flashback). Bardock calls Frieza out to face him. Frieza comes out and Bardock does this speech on how he and all of the saiyans quit and don’t work for him anymore. Bardock then sends a hand sized ki blast to Frieza as a kind of avenging his lost crew and for all the planets Frieza had ordered to be destroyed, but then Frieza does his whole little blow the planet up thing. and Bardock is blasted with the knowledge that Goku will come forward and take Frieza on and defeat him. In the series Bardock said something like “My son lives on” this line was not present in the movie in the movie instead it was just “Kakarott”.

The movie ends with Vegeta being contacted and told that Planet Vegeta was destroyed by a freak meteorite and that as far as they knew of he was the only sole survivor. then it switches to Goku in his space pod with Bardock’s words over top it’s a really sad thing I think, because Bardock says that he was sorry that he never got to hold him in his arms and so forth. *sniff sniff*

Goku then arrives on Earth... (but that’s another page)


Right The history of Trunks is what the beginning of this is taken from...I don't know about the other Trunks I haven't seen that far int he series yet.

The movie starts out the gang are gather round Goku’s place, Everyone is there, Vegeta off to the side, Piccolo, Krillen, Yamcha, Bulma holding baby Trunks, Tien and Chaoitsu are in a circle. Oolong, Puar are by some rocks watching for Gohan’s arrival. Chi-chi, Turtle, Master Roshi and Ox King are inside by Goku’s body.
Gohan arrives and zips past the gang and inside. But Goku has just died.

Then ya get the narrator saying about the androids and ya see Piccolo, Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien die in that order then Krillen, (they’re pretty much wasted at the begining probably to avoid using the actor’s voices in the movie my bet, but still Krillen and Vegeta get about a line each) sure it was along the lines of “He’s gone...” and “Kakarott- no.” but still they got a line.

Now we move to fourteen years later. The androids are playing kill the humans... Bulma and Trunks are driving back from getting some food when on the radio the sounds of the broadcaster says that the androids are attacking Ginger town. Trunks then takes off, but he arrives to late to find just a little plushie bunny toy then bada boom the arrival of Gohan. Trunks and Gohan go back to a very fallen apart Capsule Corp. Inside Trunks mentions he wants Gohan to train him and he has this little tear thing going on. and Gohan agrees, but Trunks tells him not to tell Bulma at the moment Bulma returns with the shopping and we have a little cute part where Bulma cooks a meal up and serves Gohan who in Goku style wolfs the food down with the announcement of “Chew Attack!” Trunks then copies with the same announcement.
Talk about an influence! (I knew Trunks could be a pig aswell!!)
The movie goes on to show Gohan trying to teach Trunks how to become a super saiyan, but Trunks gets only the flicker then the fall over thing.

There is an android attack so Gohan takes Trunks with him and tells him to stay back and Gohan proceeds to kick ass, then get his ass kicked in return. Sooo finally Trunks steps in and he faces up against eighteen. He makes the mistake of calling her a witch and she goes to blast him in which Gohan rushes in and shields Trunks and zips off with the unconscious teen. Gohan then hides. The androids annoyed fire off a few “pot shots” and hope to get lucky. In the end I think it’s where Gohan looses his arm and gets that scar that runs down over his left eye. After the androids have gone, Gohan and Trunks are really badly beaten and Gohan pulls out the brown pouch and he only has one sensu bean left. he gives it to Trunks in hopes that Trunks will live before passing out.

Trunks returns to Capsule Corp. With Gohan. Gohan lives but lets out the most loudest cry of pain as Bulma sterilises his arm. Now Gohan is left to heal. But I assume this is the part in where the series flashbacks kick in of Gohan and Trunks hiding from the androids because Gohan has the scar int he series and the use of a one armed Masenko ha. But as it happens in these movies Next time Gohan and Trunks go out to train he androids attack a near by town- While trunks and Gohan are just resting from training (this is where we find out Gohan had turned super saiyan due to Piccolo and Krillen’s death). Seeing the ongoing attacks Trunks wants to come to fight the androids but Gohan doesn’t want him to, because Gohan wants Trunks to live. So Gohan agrees to Trunks coming and When Trunks turns round (my guess is to wait til Gohan takes off to follow him) Gohan hits Trunks across the back of the neck and goes off on his own. This spelled the end of Gohan.

Then Trunks wakes up and he heads off in to town it’s there he sees Gohan’s body and with a cry of loss Trunks finally achieved Super Saiyan....

Four years later
Trunks is returning from shopping and he sees Bulma working on the time machine, he teases her about it, as sons do about a mother’s form of hobbies (or maybe that’s just my brother). They have a conversation about going back in time to change thing. Trunks of course is sceptical. Then over the radio the androids are reported to be attacking Bridge Town (I think) so Trunks heads off to face them much to Bulma’s protests. Trunks arrives and he tries to take them on (insert battle here) but fails badly. They basically have this awesome last blast that knocks Trunks over and he’s thought to be dead.

Trunks wakes up in the bed seeing the ceiling fan and then Bulma looks at him and Trunks announces that he’s ready to go to the past to give Goku the antidote. of course he wants to know if Goku could make a difference and well ya know (insert Goku flashback photo’s here).

Once Trunks it healed he heads in to the past for the first time. And there it leads in to the series. Trunks meets the gang leaving the warning and antidote with Goku and he leaves again. Only to come back a in that time three years later (but obviously not in his own) in hopes of finding a way to destroy the androids.

Okay and for the series wise we all know he hangs round until after the Cell games to go back home to destroy the androids and Cell of that time.