Title: Dino Bait: Zero
Author: Seisetsu
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: None as of yet...
Story Brief: Dragon Ball Z meets Jurassic Park, with cut-scenes and everything. Might be around 5 chapters or so.

Title: Beyond Fate
Author: Seisetsu
Rating: NC-17 (Nudity and some sexual contact)
Pairings: Vincent/Andrea, Owen/Random Person
Sory Brief: A group of teen are tied together by a sudden death, an accident which included two people... Theresa, who is now blind, and this guy who nobody want to speak of, Conner. Beyond that an evil has surfaced, something from a time long ago before creation. It's plans are a mystery, locked within past... or the future.

Title: Of Love And Death
Author: Seisetsu
Rating: NC-17 (murder)
Pairings: None
Story brief: This is a continued versions of a story I had to so for creative writing. I though the main story was great, with my own added, it could be a really cool novel.