Dino Bait: Zero


Part One


The Plot behind the story I must say is mine, but the characters are not. They belong to their specific owners, and do not belong to me in anyway possible. Although I did modify some characters to fit the plot of the fic… Otherwise, anything with a copyright already in place is not mine and this is for fan reasons only.


Dr. Son: Son Goku
Trunks: As himself
Goten: As himself
Bulma the Reporter: As herself
Prof. Buu: Majin Buu
Prof. Gohan: Son Gohan
Videl: As herself
Pan: As herself
Vegeta: As himself

The scene opens and Goku in a scientist uniform stands in a field, his son stands behind him talking to a lavender-haired boy about a year older than him. Goku distraught by something on the ground, didn’t notice that they had started to walk off. They had found something interesting that beyond them they couldn’t figure out, so instead of telling Goku they wondered off.

Trunks: Hey, Goten… Why are we following the fly again?

Goten: Umm… It’s pretty.

Trunks: *Facefaults* Gah! That is always the way it is…

Goten: But it is…

Trunks: It isn’t even.

Goten: It sparkles!

Trunks: …

Goten chases after the strange fly and into some bushes, it leads him to a beach. Trunks isn’t far behind but he seems to shrug around not really caring about the stupid fly.

Goten: Trunks! … Come here!

Trunks: Okay… *He steps out from the bushes, seeing the same thing Goten does he gasps.* Goten! What is it?

Goten: A dead animal, silly!

Along the edge of the beach a large animal is beached, tons of sparkling objects move around on it. Closer inspection shows that tons of flies line the carcass and white maggots can be seen moving within the creature.

Trunks: Man, this thing is foul! *Trunks covers his mouth, gasping from the stank rolling off the creature.*

Dr. Son: *Off-screen.* Children!

Goten: Dad! Come here!!!

Dr. Son: Goten… What are you talking about? *Goku steps out from the bushes, upon seeing the creature he grins.* It’s a Vegetasei-a-sauras!

Goten: Sounds like Trunks’s dad…

Trunks: *Fwaps him* Goten!

Dr. Son: *Reaching forward, he runs his hand among the flies. They then swirl up and the creature is now in view.* It is a child, not even full grown.

Goten: Look at the flies! *Pointing up to the sky.* Pretty!

Trunks: Odd…

Dr. Son: At least you don’t have to live with him, he isn’t the smartest child.

Goten: Flies… Pretty…

Trunks: I see that… Now what is a Vegetasei-a-sauras? Why does it have my dad’s name in the title? *Scratching his head, he tried to ignore Goten.*

Dr. Son: The Vegetasei was a dino from the past a million years ago. It was given the name Vegeta because your mother helped find some bones of the creature a few years ago.

Trunks: Really?

Goten: Flies… *He goes off chasing them.*

A helicopter is heard in the distance, soon a black dot can be seen along the horizon. Goku looks up, shielding his eyes he tries to determine the make and model but is baffled. His son also stops, turning to face the sky he grins lopsidedly trying to get a look at the black helicopter.

Goten: Big FLY!

Trunks: Strange…

Dr. Son: Who, him or the helicopter?

Goten: It twirls…

Trunks: Must be Chichi’s gene… Mr. Son, you are way smart!

Goten: Suck-up! *Fwaps him.*

Trunks: Ooooo! Punk, don’t make me beat you.

Dr. Son: *Shaking his head.* Children, be nice… Whoever is in the helicopter must want this species…

Trunks: How do you know?

Goten: It says so in the script!

Director: Cut!!!!!

~Cut Scene 1~

Goten walks off stage, his hands on his hips and Trunks is not far behind his own hands clinched.

Trunks: Goten!!! The scene was almost done, how could you screw it up like that for no reason.

Goku: That’s not real? *He pokes the dinosaur, confused.* Or is it?

Goten: I didn’t mean too… I forgot my lines…

Goku: Because if it was real… Wouldn’t it be hungry!

Goten: Food!!!!

Trunks: Sheesh, can we have a lunch break?

Director: *Sigh of disbelief.* Sure, why not…

Goten & Goku: Foooooood!

That’s all for now, if it’s kinda short don’t worry I will write longer ones later on…