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Final Fantasy Gallery

UPDATE ON:29/07/2003 We have a forum for the site please join its only just starting and we at punkff need you to help it out so go pay it a visit!. Click Here to visit the forums

UPDATE ON:31/05/2003 RPG Maker is no longer here, it got deleted... However, there is a new fanfiction up, written by Sam Sweeney, if you like reading . It's called a new beginning. Click here to read it

UPDATE ON:23/04/2003 Ok Poll time. I wanna know what stuff you people actually want so TAKE THE POLLRemeber , all personal requests go to me by clicking HERE

UPDATE ON:23/04/2003
Woo-hoo guess what i've got a copy of RPG Maker 2003 completely English Version. Click HERE to go and get it. The link will be on the next page!

UPDATE ON:23/04/2003
Ok links to Mp3s are up if anybody has any requests i'll be taking them of course. 100% reply guaranteed. New title bar (This site needs a bit of an update) and a few other bits and bobs.. There are links to mp3s up now as well, just go there the links are very reliable.

UPDATE ON:22/04/2003
Werd UP everybody I am your new ruler! Muahahahahahah!Mp3s will be the first thing coming.Click HERE to send me an email. My Screename for AOL is Szico VII

UPDATE ON: 22/04/2003

As you know a little bit back I quit the site and I promised I would get a new webmaster. Well we now have a new webmaster! His name is Szico VII. So don't feel down, the site will still live!

UPDATE ON:15/01/2003
I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. Anyways, I'm back on track, and I'm ready to add some new content. (I realize I haven't added anything for over half a year, sorry!) Since I do not know where to start, I have made a poll so that YOU can choose what new content there will be. So go here: CLICK!

UPDATE ON: January 14th
I have put up my Screen Name for AOL Instant Messenger. If you can't find it (despite the fact that it's easy to see) it's: above

UPDATE ON: December 26th
I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. Anyways, I'm back on track, and I'm ready to add some new content. (I realize I haven't added anything for over half a year, sorry!) Since I do not know where to start, I have made a poll so that YOU can choose what new content there will be. So go here: CLICK!

UPDATE ON: December 20th
I am so friggin happy right now. I finally have access to the internet. I just fixed the bandwidth problem. Also, I have a new e-mail address. It is

UPDATE ON: November 8th
Okay this isn't really an update, but it is urgent news. I apologize greatly for not updating forever, and for the huge bandwidth problem I'm having. I barely am able to get any time on the internet at all, and it will take me several hours to fix the bandwidth. Just wait a few months and I'll be updating regularly. I apologize... Any e-mails you send I won't be able to answer, and I won't be able to respond to anything at all for quite a while... Just hang on.

UPDATE ON: September 14th
3 updates today. Obviously I slightly changed the banner so it's all colorful. Yay. Sweet huh? Also, as promised my FFX section is completely finished, midi and all. Now I'll be working on my FF5 and 6 sections. And last of all, there's a poll I need you to take. I've been checking out my bandwidth details and I've been having my site suspended for like 4 hours a day...not good. So I have a poll on if you think I should buy more bandwidth and how much I should get. Hopefully that should help me with how much money I out to spend. Click Here To Take the Poll

UPDATE ON: September 11th
I made an FFX image page now, it's pretty cool. I also deleted the alligator movie avi file to allow for more people to come without going over the bandwidth. Later on tonight or tomorrow I'll do all of the other FFX stuff.

UPDATE ON: September 10th
As I promised, I revamped the FF9 image section. Now, there may be about half a many images, but this time, they actually work because I uploaded them. The next things coming out are, like I said, a much better FF10 section (Seeing as it really sucks), and a FF5 and FF6 sections. After that I'll get around to getting more FF9 images for you all.

UPDATE ON: September 10th
I realized I've been going over my bandwith almost every day... Yikes! So I deleted one of the AVI files in my movie theater, seeing as my movie theater wasn't one of the most loved pages. That opened almost 5 MB of space. So now I'll be able to have more people see the page without out going over the bandwidth...

UPDATE ON: September 9th
Been away for a week, I was on vacation. Anyways, I'm back now and I made a minor update. I changed the banner. I promise I'll get around to getting the new FF9 images and working on the FF10 section... Except school just started so I won't be on much. Also, if you think the new banner isn't very good, sign my guestbook and tell me.

UPDATE ON: August 28th
I just converted all pages to SSI so it looks all pretty. Now all of my pages have the linkbar and sidebar and the banner on them, and I'll be able to update my site much much easier. This is the first time I made 2 updates in one day... Next time I update I'll revamp the FF9 and FF10 images, and work more on the FF10 section.

UPDATE ON: August 28th
I made a new layout, I think it looks pretty cool. All I need now is a new banner because this current one is too small. I'll get around to it, I just lost my imaging software so it'll be a while... Another thing, I'm going to convert the site to SSI, so all my pages will look like this one and not so ugly.

UPDATE ON: August 7th
I added 4 new animated gifs to the Final Fantasy 7 animation section. You can thank Chef Chuck, who sent me the animations. Also, I added YET another new poll. Please refrain from voting for your choice more than once. Thank you.

UPDATE ON: July 9th
It's been a while my homies. Anyways, I took a quick peek at the polls and I was surprised to see that we had gone over 1000 votes. Nice. Sorry I haven't been on much, I've been addicted to some game called Runescape. Anyways, I just added a new poll on people's favorite characters. As many of you have requested, I put up Sephiroth. :) And I've taken off all of the old characters (Since it was obvious that Squall was winning) and I put up many more cooler characters. One last thing, I don't mind the little bits of profanity such as: "This character kicks ass" but I do not want to see some of that stuff you guys have been putting up. This especially goes to that guy that put up something like: "I lick Cid's boobs!" Ugh...

UPDATE ON: June 2nd
First of all: Today is my birthday! Yay. Okay whatever. Anyways, I am thinking about putting up a new layout. But I'm not sure if this one is better. So, im going to let you decide. First Click Here to see the layout then Click Here to vote on what you think of the layout. I look forward to your comments.

UPDATE ON: May 31st
I just revamped the Final Fantasy 8 Image section. There's a little bit less images, but I've neutralized all broken links. The images are pretty cool, and I'm going to try to get more. Stick around for more images on Final Fantasy 9 and 10 later.

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