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If you wish to become a site member email me at with the subject of "paintball" and tell me you would like to join. Info to include would be your email address, your name, as well as what you would like for a password.

    • August 26

      ok, as some people have noticed... there are problems within the site. I have no idea what has caused them but i will be trying to fix the pages.

      Known Errors
      Ken's players page for some reason has been cleared...
      The right click doesnt work on jeffs page, im guessing some encoding was deleted...
      As well as on mitch's page.
      Mitch's picture page has a few sizes changed on his pictures...
      Picture wrong sizes on the links page. This page needs updated badly anyways.
      members page just needs updated. As with most the site...Thats it for errors found so far.

    • August 26

      D*mn f*ck*n sh*t *ss b*tch...Been awhile since the site has been updated...sorry all. Well I also havn't much to add lately. Most of the team has been too damn busy the last few weeks, so...but anyways I have the Intranet again, so I can finally do some needed work. D*mn, a month without internet...really sux. ... Actually a month and 6 days...but o well.

    • July 20

      Updated various stats for most of the players.

    • July 11

      Updated the site a bit. Added one quote for the player tim.

      Well, updated a lot actually, but you probably wont notice much. I messed around with the music a bit so it still plays, but it will not cause my site to go down for 2 hours after someone goes thru the site due to excessive bandwidth! If you don't hear music, it probably means that the music has been accessed to much and it will be down for 2 hours, but the rest of the site will be unaffected.

    • July 06

      Went to indoor on July 2nd...kicked some ass...against a few of the teams goin to the tourney (armed with angels), also got our asses schooled by a few actually sponsored people. One from team dragonseed. Anyways, great time, goin out again sometime to there.

      July 4th as u know, was well...the fourth of July...shot off a bunch of shit as u should of too...also found illegal fireworks on the 5th and shot them off but shh...Anyways, just happy late holidays! And I hope you enjoyed your fourth.

      backimg up all the files on the site incase anything possibly happens to it.

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