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i like beer, and here is my RetroMUD page!

This is my site. i hope you like it. right now the only thing i have on here is my RetroMUD information because frankly, thats all that really matters. lets not kid ourselves folks, if you don't MUD then you're a square, and if you don't MUD at RetroMUD then you are what i like to call "stupid". Oh, hang on a second...

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Ok, I'm back. So, my name is Joda Scares Kids, i am a level 15 Treant Templar, who does NOT suck, contrary to popular belief. I have a few friends on there, but i basically like everybody except for this one person whose name begins with "B" and ends with "lackwrath". Here are some of my current stats: Str: 44 Con: 59 Siz: 152 Agi: 38 Dex: 55 Per: 12 Int: 14 Wis: 82 Cha: 11 if you don't know how retroMUD works then i'll sum my stats up by saying that i could kick your ass! And if you are from RetroMUD please don't hurt me. Hug a tree you evil bastards! Right now the only tools i am using in my personal war against evil is my Notched Iron Sword which rocks, and my Gnaw, which rocks. I also use my cylindrical sword of sex appeal +10, which only i get because i'm sexy. I rock. you do not. Soon i shall have a picture up of a tree and tell you that it is my character, and you will believe me. And i think you know why....

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the coolest comic i've ever read.
i put this here because i hate angelfire.
and i put this here because i HATE YOU!!!