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Saturday, September 14, 2002
Went to the football last night, the Roosters won 32-20. We kick-ass baby! Yay...I want them to make it into the grand final so bad :-)
We got down to the city to late to shop. Everything was closing. So I only managed to try on two dresses. Neither suitable for
a. my friends 21st in a hotel or
b. my sis's formal
so I'm going to have to go down again maybe if I don't find anything tomorrow at westfield. I wanna go to a movie, haven't been to one for ages too much stuff to worry about.
That reminds me I have to buy Melody a 21st bday present. What to buy? I was thinking jewellery but it's hard to buy jewellery for someone else's taste. Plus Mel has changed heaps since high school she is much less alternative esq than she was back then and I have only seen her sporadically since so it makes it extra hard. Hmmm...I was thinking about nice perfume maybe...dunno.
I just changed the colours on my melo :-) It's kinda red-ish sorta. I like it for a change. Nice move away from pastels for a change. That's all I can think of at the moment. I'll post again soon.

Friday, September 13, 2002
I am intensely tired now. It's late and I should go to sleep but I can't.
When I have so much to do all week and finally get the chance to get online i just want to stay on even if i have nothing to do or am too tired to do anything important.
I played games at yahoo for awhile. Pool and Trivia. Pool sucks if you play against a stranger though. You can't gloat when you win :-) I even tried Cheeta Chat for a bit. That's going back....It's been a long time since I have even opened that. I used to luv using it, now I can't even stand to chat to people, all those first a/s/l type questions and when the conversation falls flat, that is the worst. Grrrr....
Felicity found this song by AFI called Malleus Maleficarum. I have been studying the Malleus in my uni course. I thought it a bit strange that they would write a song about it. The song kinda bites though.
I'm going to Sydney tomorrow...hmm.
I hope the Roosters win.
I have so many emails to write back to people :-(

Wednesday, September 11, 2002
"Since patience or tolerance comes from an ability to remain firm and steadfast and not be overwhelmed by the adverse situations or conditions that one faces, one should not see tolerance or patience as a sign of weakness or giving in, but rather as a sign of strength, coming from a deep ability to remain firm." [The Dalai Lama]

Well it is September 11 today...
I was watching one of those documentries on 9/11 last night by myself. It made me feel really sad all of the sudden and I did get teary, seeing all those poor people jumping from the towers....
Makes me wonder about the kind of world I'm living in.
This is unrelated but today I truely felt hate towards the world as a whole. Not at the individual people just existing... but the world as an entity, maybe I should say the human race.
How horrid we are to each other. The more I study on history and society the more I just start to get angry at how we keep each other down.
I guess I am just some kind of Neo-Hippy... an each to their own kinda person.
Equality, though impossible I dream of how the world might be if it existed.

I am sleepy...
I am in SUCH a bad mood at the moment. Everything is starting to get on my nerves. I hate when I get like that. I guess I am just plain tired and moody. It makes me want to spend money or something. I keep stopping buy sites and seeing what I can buy. I want to buy a autographed Clerks poster but Kevin Smith is filming Jersey Girl at the moment so I guess it would take ten years to get here and I wouldn't mind a Clerks shirt but I don't really like the designs so much.
I'm going to the football on Friday night the Roosters are in the semi's playing the Sharks. We pre-ordered the tickets. Before hand me and Felicity are going to go shopping in the city and I'm going to try and find something nice to wear to to her formal and I'll wear it to my friend Melody's 21st party :-)
I've had an exam today, a essay due yesterday and tomorrow I have another essay due. It's worth 40% and I'm not happy with it at all :-(
I feel sad :-(