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Wednesday, September 04, 2002
The Red Cross blood service just called to speak to Felicity they said that she is allowed to donate again now. I think they must be desparate for blood again or something. I should probably donate. I wonder what my iron levels would be.

eh, the title of my page is lame. I will have to change it or something. It's too hard to think of something interesting :-(
I am so tired... I am absolutley exhausted actually. When I got home I was even being snipey at my sister, you know how it is when you are so tired that you start to get pissed off at every little thing.
Had to go in early for a film screening for class, that took two hours, then I had to go to a tutorial for an hour and then I had a lecture for two hours all with no break. Then I had to wait for the bus for 40 minutes and then I had to walk home. I think I need to rest for a bit. I have two essays and a test next week, yay me! I haven't done anything yet so I am a little stressed also.
My sister went to her school dance party today. She looked nice all dressed up... in my clothes. She borrowed my skirt, shirt, shoes and bag, she probably even took my underwear for all I know :-) That's what it is like having a sister. She promised not to drink anything before she went, which is for the best as it is not a pretty sight when she gets drunk.
I finished reading Mrs Dalloway for class, aren't you happy for me. Took me long enough for such a short book. Took me awhile to get into it. I didn't mind it. All my lecturers seem to rave about Virginia Woolf novels. I think she is considered the personification of cool literary icon for smart intellectual women or something along those lines.
I'm going to go now, I wonder if melodramatic.com is working now. It wouldn't even load the page before in IE or Netscape

Monday, September 02, 2002
Lookies I added a tag-board <--------- Now you must write on it!

Apparently I am a great source of amusement to my sister. It always feels good when you pray and pray for approval and fear rejection and then along she comes and laughs in you face :-( Thankyou.

Okay this is going to be my first real post on my new blog. Finally I have it all working nicely for the time being *knock on wood* despite the strange problems that have been occuring in the last hour such as html code disappearing after I save my template and browsers crashing. It's enough to make anyone throw up their hands. I redesigned my page again hopefully I will stick this one out for awhile and focus on the content. Yes the links to the left are all inactive until such time that I have time to make pages for them. I have so much to do, I shouldn't even be doing this but seeing I studied hard all day and am too tired to do anything else this seemed the logical step... make myself stressed trying to get things marginally perfect on this page by the end of the night so I can sleep blissfully :-) If only.... I woke up this morning after taking hours to fall asleep only to have had a nightmare. I'll post on that later though. Yay the Osbournes are on soon...yes I am one of people that watch it. Back to the subject though in case anyone has not realised my theme is based on Keanu Reeves. Yep I am a long time fan and no do not feel free to pay out on him to me it will only end in tears. I heart Keanu! Oh and the name...well I can up with that by chance, just throwing two words together whatever it means. I'll let you be the judge! Now I am going to go my head hurts. Thanks for visiting :-)

Grrrrr....why are you fucking up on me now?

perfect!!!!!! I am so happy now I could scream... yay yay yay!

let me test this to see if i can stretch this column out or not. what colour is it??????????????????????????????????????

Just experimenting with my new blog template.
I am so fucking tired