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Directions to Dorchester Apartments
GASP is centered near Pittsburgh, PA, and these directions assume you are familiar with some of the local sights and roads. If you need more specific directions, please feel free to contact me, and I'll be happy to assist.

Directions: Dorchester Towers is located on Fort Couch Road, directly opposite South Hills Village. If you take Route 19, turn south onto Fort Couch Road. If you're traveling towards Pittsburgh, PA (Route 19 North), you'll turn right; if you're traveling towards Washington, PA (Route 19 South), you'll turn left. This is a large intersection with a Houlihan's Restaurant and many other shops (Norman Centre).

Once you're on Fort Couch Road, go through three lights. You'll be passing PNC Bank, a BP gas station, and Carmike 10 Theaters, all on your right.

After the third light, you'll pass under the light green colored T-Rail bridge. After you pass under the T-Rail, make a left onto Donati Drive. This leads directly to Dorchester Apartments. Just cross the T-Rail tracks and find a parking spot on your right. Building Five is the third building back from the T-Rail and the parking spaces.

If you're coming from the south or east, just get onto Bethel Church Road and turn right at the T-intersection onto Fort Couch Road. Pass by the Union 76 station and the McDonald's on your right. Just past the McDonald's, turn right at the light onto Donati Drive. Follow this over the T-Rail tracks and you're at Dorchester Apartments. There's plenty of parking all around here.

Once you're in the lobby of the building, just hit the small black intercom box labeled "PARTY ROOM" and one of us attendees will answer. It's that simple! Again, if anyone needs more specific directions, send me an e-mail

By the way, everyone should bring either (a) a bag of chips or (b) a six-pack or two-liter of pop. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in moderation . Pizza is usually ordered by mid-afternoon; we all share the expense.

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